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Tutpad is an online learning community for designers

Tutpad offers users high quality design tutorials carefully selected by our design team in order to provide our users with a completely custom learning experience. Learn from experienced and professional instructors in design, photography, video and more.

Founded in 2016 after the great success of the startups Freepik and Flaticon.

In 2010 a group of entrepreneurs joined forces to create Freepik, the largest search engine in the world of free vectors. These were the brothers Alejandro and Pablo Blanes with Joaquín Cuenca, creator of the successful startup acquired by Google, Panoramio. And given the high level of search done for icons, they decided to launch Flaticon three years later, a platform which specializes and focuses majorly on vectorial and editable icons. After a few years, as they became pioneers in editable graphic resources, in 2016 they decided to take a step further and create Tutpad, which is all about providing specialised high quality design tutorial offering our users a completely customed learning experience.