3D Modeling: Create a traditional Sushi tray

Take a trip to Japan and try this fantastic course, where with Dídac, you will learn to prepare a delicious 3D dish. What are you waiting for?

What’s this course about?

In this course we’re going to model a scene composed of different pieces of sushi, creating each piece one by one in the 3D edition software Cinema 4D. We’ll use a style similar to a low poly style to give our work a characteristic feel. Once we’re done with the 3D modelling, we’ll render it in an isometric view, finally, use our render in Photoshop and work on the post-production of the image.

What are we going to develop?

We’ll learn to model, color, and prepare a scene composed of different pieces of sushi in Cinema 4D. In this project we’ll make a scene that could be used in publicity or in illustration, giving the 3D scene colorful and characteristic touch.

First we’re going to see the creation process of the model to, later, learn how to clone the objects with the tools the programs give us. In the next steps we’ll see how to apply the color and light to the scene.

The objective is to create an image we can use a graphic resource, consolidating the bases and using the advantages that 3D can give us, so later, the student should be capable of replicating the work he’s seen, changing the theme to his/her tastes.

You will learn

  • The use of primitives to model the sushi pieces.
  • The use of the cloners in Cinema 4D to clone and place the necessary objects.
  • The use of color and the choice of different materials on one object.
  • The preparation of a scene and the fine render, getting the most out of it later in Photoshop.
  • Create the correct lighting for the scene.
  • The use of the deformers in Cinema 4D.

Who is this course for? Requisites

This course is for illustrators, graphic designers, 3D modelers and graphic art professionals in general that wish to add to their set of skills and that are taking, or want to take, a step towards a more digital format.

If you are already started in 3D, this course will be useful for you too. You can see the workflow and the different trick you can use to model a scene.

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Dídac  Soto
Dídac  Soto
Dídac Soto Teacher

Didac Soto is a 3D and multimedia designer based in Barcelona, where he studied illustration, animation and graphic design. He then went on to study a masters in 3D animation at the University of Salamanca. Specialized in 3D modeling and with 5 years experience in the industry, he has worked for various marketing and advertising agencies in Barcelona. As a freelance designer, he has worked and collaborated with clients all over the world, creating 3D models for indie video games in Mexico, the United States or the UK. He has also created projects for advertising, medical or even academic contexts. Currently, he combines his freelance work with the courses and tutorials he shares with students on Tutpad

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