3D Modeling: Design a Cartoon 3D Cactus

¡Hola amigo! Are you passionate about 3D? Are you a taco lover? Then nothing more to discuss, because this is your course. Throughout the different lessons we'll learn different 3D modelling tricks and techniques to finally develop a tasty final project. What do you say? Are you in?

Dídac  Soto
Dídac  Soto
Dídac SotoTeacher

Didac Soto is a 3D and multimedia designer based in Barcelona, where he studied illustration, animation and graphic design. He then went on to study a masters in 3D animation at the University of Salamanca. Specialized in 3D modeling and with 5 years experience in the industry, he has worked for various marketing and advertising agencies in Barcelona. As a freelance designer, he has worked and collaborated with clients all over the world, creating 3D models for indie video games in Mexico, the United States or the UK. He has also created projects for advertising, medical or even academic contexts. Currently, he combines his freelance work with the courses and tutorials he shares with students on Tutpad

To learn more, visit http://www.didacsotovaldes.com