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3D Motion: Jelly Lettering

Do you dare to try out new techniques? Give your messages a jelly effect and learn how to work with fluids in Cinema 4D. Are you in?

About this course

Have you ever wondered how do they create those awesome handwritten text on 3D? Now it is time for you to learn how to do that! On this course you will learn how to use splines and capsules to create 3D texts on Cinema 4D. And not just that, you will also learn how to make it look as it was made of jelly. But how? By using Cinema 4D particles to create “wind” on your composition to animate your text. When you finish this course you will have learned a lot of new techniques that you can then apply to your own projects.

What project are we going to delevop?

We are going to take a path from illustrator and import it to Cinema 4D. Once we are there, I will teach you how to turn this path (or spline as it is called on C4D) and make it 3D using the capsules and splines technique. Then, we are going to create a material that will make the text look like jelly. And to create the real jelly effect, we are going to use C4D particles to make this text move seamlessly. How do we do that? By placing an actual fan inside our composition. You will see what I mean.

Who is this course for?

This course is for everyone as the explanation is very thorough, however if you know your way around Cinema 4D’s interface, that would be a huge help.

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Beginner level 49m 8 lessons 10 users

Software and materials

Cinema 4D Cinema 4D


Published on 2018-06-11

Carlos Behrens
Carlos Behrens
Carlos BehrensTeacher

Carlos is a graphic designer who works from his own studio in Spain, The Design Owl. He works with clients from all around the world designing everything from logos and stationery to animations and 3D graphics. He loves to share his knowledge with people who are eager to learn.

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