Character Design: Squeeze Personality out of Food

Make the most of inanimate objects around you and give them personality. Have you ever wondered what it would be if your food talked to you? In this course, you’ll learn to develop characters’ personality from scratch. Once you master it, you’ll be able to apply it to any other object, in this case, to fruits and veggies. So, let’s get started! And remember: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade…or a character! Are you ready?

About the course

This course is a great implement for those who want to broaden their knowledge of character design. We’ll be working with different techniques that will help us to boost our creativity and also to learn everything we need in case we were asked to develop character’s personalities in a real case. To do so, we’ll explore and focus on creativity development by making the most of the different ideas that we may come up with. 

What project are we going to develop?

We’ll be creating a group of characters based on a previous brainstorming session. This group will consist of some school friends and teachers to whom we’ll be applying some references. We’ll be inspired by the shape and appearance of some fruit and veggies to add and create the different personalities they may have regarding the characteristics they present. 

What you'll learn

  • Developing your creativity by using your imagination to create characters based on inanimate objects.
  • Creating a composition that will be added to your portfolio and will look great.
  •  Choosing different colors according to the lighting effects and a fixed color palette.
  •  Conceps about characters based on fruits or other elements.
  • Giving personality according to an object’s appearance.

Who is this course for? Requirements

This course is for those students eager to go into detail about characters’ design and who are willing to face a new challenge and able to step into a more advanced level within character design. 

For this course, you'll need:

  • Drawing tablet or notebook
  • Scanner
  • Digital drawing software, like Photoshop
  • Basic notions of drawing
Table of contents


Course Details

Intermediate level 1h 18m 13 lessons 119 users


Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop


Carlota Martinez-Pantoja Bernal
Carlota Martinez-Pantoja Bernal
Carlota Martinez-Pantoja Bernal Teacher

Carlota MPB, MONKEYBARK, illustrator. A fan of Disney Studios and Cartoon Network, she studied illustration for two years at the San Telmo School of Art in Málaga, Spain. Before that, she started to learn how to draw of her own accord to try and follow her childhood dream of becoming an artist and specializing in character design. Although, she delves into other areas too, like concept art and animation, having recently collaborated in the latest video clip of the Spanish singer El Kanka.

To learn more, visit https://monkeybark.carbonmade.com/