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Character animation in After Effects

Character animation in After Effects

Let's keep exploring the world of animation with Nilabh!

About this Course

On this course, we'll be learning how to rig a vector character and animate him in After Effects. We'll go straight from the basics and cover the process step by step from importing to rigging and animation. This course will help you breathe life into your wonderful character designs and help you to tell a story through animation.

What project are we going to develop?

We'll be creating a gardener character in Adobe Illustrator and then import the file into Adobe After Effects for rigging. We'll pre-plan our animation and rig the character accordingly. Then we'll start the fun part of animating our gardener: watering the plant. The animation will be in loop to be exported to a Mov or Gif file.

Who’s this course for? Requirements

This course is for beginners who want to take a step further in the world of animation as well as professionals wanting to brush up their basics. 

Table of contents


Course Details

Intermediate level 2h 9m 5 lessons 94 users 1 attachment

Software and materials

After Effects After Effects Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator


Published on 2017-09-11

Nilabh V Umredkar
Nilabh V Umredkar
Nilabh V UmredkarTeacher

Nilabh is a Creative Artist, Animator, and Filmmaker currently working as a Creative Director at HQ Studios Pvt Ltd, India. He loves creating visuals which are soulful, entertaining and at heart, looks good. He is constantly exploring the art of storytelling through various mediums and in the process, has apprehended a considerable understanding of the art. He enjoys writing and playing Guitar

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