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Create an animated presentation

Join Miguel on this After Effects course to learn how to bring your presentations to life!

About this course

On this course, we'll learn how to create a promotional video in Adobe After Effects with separate scenes that you can then use as visual aids for your future projects. 

What project are we going to develop?

We're going to create a promotional video in a flat style where we'll teach you lots of tips and techniques for developing projects in After Effects. We'll do it as separate scenes, each one will be an independent composition, which makes it easier for you to reuse these elements later or change the order. 

Who is this course for? Requirements

This course is aimed at any After Effects user who has a basic notion of the program. I've tried to be as clear as possible and include lots of instructions so that even beginners can create this project from scratch. 

Table of contents


Course Details

Beginner level 2h 10m 9 lessons 50 users 1 attachment

Software and materials

After Effects After Effects


Published on 2017-12-01

Miguel Reyes Montoya
Miguel Reyes Montoya
Miguel Reyes MontoyaTeacher

Miguel Reyes is a motion graphics designer that has worked with many companies making promotional videos, logos, intros among other projects. He has a BFA in Graphic Design and he's worked as a Freelancer since he graduated. He started making tutorials from 15 years of age, what started as a hobby, is now his full-time job.


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