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Create your own vector brushes in Illustrator

Create your own vector brushes in Illustrator

They are hundreds of cool brushes online! But you can’t seem to find the one you want...So, why not create them yourself?

About this course

Brushes give you awesome effects especially when you want to create a unique illustration style or add some texture to your designs. You can create brushes out of anything: crayons, charcoal, dirt, ink pens, pastels and heaps more. This simple course will show you how to create your own brushes from scratch, edit them in Photoshop and build them up in Illustrator so you can use them right away.

What project are we going to develop?

On this course we're going to develop your own vector brushes that you can use on any project without having that much experience. The steps we take are simple and if you follow along you can always create brushes in the future.

Who’s this course for? Requirements

We're going to show how to use Adobe Illustrator with basic knowledge required. We're using Creative cloud (CC) so if you have a previous version it may look a little different but the basic tools are still the same, so you shouldn't have any problems.

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Course Details

Beginner level 52m 8 lessons 35 users

Software and materials

Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator


Published on 2017-03-02

Jeremy Mura
Jeremy Mura
Jeremy MuraTeacher

Jeremy Mura is a graphic designer and illustrator from Sydney, Australia. After graduating college with a degree in graphic design, he started working with design agencies doing branding and web projects. A short while after, he launched his own personal brand, applying his own knowledge to help other designers get better. He helps start-ups and emerging brands communicate to their audience through design and illlustration. He loves working with vector illustration, identity design and typography.

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