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Everything about color

Color can take you to glory or destroy you completely, so why not learn a few important things about color theory and ways to work with it in Adobe Illustrator? Make color your friend!

About this course

We’re going to start with some basic color theory, which won’t be too intensive, but it will give you a much needed background. You’ll learn basic things that any professional should know, such as how to prepare your files and choose a color mode according to each project. If you don’t know the difference between RGB, CMYK and HSB, we got you covered here!

Then, we’ll learn some of the tools related to color on Adobe Illustrator. We’ll get familiar with the Color Panel, Swatches and Color Guide, and you’ll learn how to make the most of them. We’ll also use the Blend Tool, the Recolor Artwork tool, we’ll Edit Colors and we’ll even play around a bit with the transparency and different blending modes.

By the time you finish this course, you'll know how to create your own color palette, without depending on any outside help. You’ll simply know how to pick colors that work well together. This will give you a huge boost in the quality of your graphics or illustrations.

What project are we going to develop?

This course is mostly about practice and learning new concepts and tools on Adobe Illustrator, so it won’t be so focused on creating your own project. We're going to start by using an existing illustration that I prepared, and we're going to add color to it. In fact, we're going to recolor it several times; it’s all about practice. So, all you need is to grab the file attached to this course and start working from there.

We won’t be focusing on the creation of this illustration, just on the coloring. If you prefer to use an illustration of your own to follow this tutorial, or even want to create a character from scratch to use on this course, feel free to do so, but it’s not required.

Who’s this course for? Requirements

This course is for anyone who has basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator but wants to step up the quality of their colors. You really don’t need to know too much about Adobe Illustrator to take this course, but you need to have a few projects under your belt.

This is also intended for people who are advanced with the tool, but want to get a better grasp on color theory and how to create a color palette. So, if you’re an aspiring illustrator, this course will definitely help you to step up your game.

The only requirement for this course is to have a copy of Adobe Illustrator installed. Any version will do, as we won’t be using the latest features.

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Diego Barrionuevo
Diego Barrionuevo
Diego BarrionuevoTeacher

Diego Barrionuevo is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was born in 1984 and grew up surrounded by videogames, comic books and cartoons. Nowadays, he draws inspiration from that material to create all kinds of projects - from art for videogames to vector illustrations and motion graphics.

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