Graphic Design: Create a design for a Skateboard

Graphic Design: Create a design for a Skateboard

You part of that Tony Hawk's Proskater 3 generation? Are you still a little bit? This is your course! you're going to learn how to develop your own skateboard design from scratch! Are you in? Tubular, dude!

About this course

Is there anything more radical, more tubular than skateboarding? I don't think so. Want to join your two passions and work on your next board? With this course you're going to push the limits of your creativity to maximum gnarlyness. From the main idea, to the sketch and finishing our design in Illustrator, you're going to be learning all of the best stunts and tricks in the skating world, without getting a scratch or embarrasing yourself in front of Dave... Shut up Dave!

What project are we going to develop?

In this course, we're going to be designing our own board. We'll start where all designs start, a white sheet. We'll look at how we can find our original ideas, we'll learn to sketch, and to put your designs on this non-conventional format that's just awesome!

What you'll learn

The best thing about this course, is that we're going to learn much more than just designing your own skateboard. We're going to be finding creative ideas that will help us avoid art blocks when we get a design comission, we'll learn to look for design solutions when we're looking a these different formats, we're going to be looking at tricks for when we have to sketch but we're not too great at drawing, and, best of all, we're going to be learning some neat tricks to use in illustrator to save time when we design.

Who is this course for? Requisites

This course is for those who want to have fun designing. You'll need a very basic level of experience with Illustrator, because we'll be explaining everything step by step. However, this course is also going to be useful for designers with more experience, as we're going to be seeing some tricks to economize our time while we're designing.

The only requisite is a computer with Illustrator installed.

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Alba Zapata
Alba Zapata
Alba Zapata Teacher

Alba Zapata is a web and graphic designer based in Málaga, Spain. She specializes in branding and multimedia design. After several years working for various companies, she now works as a freelancer for different clients around the world.

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