Graphic Design: Create Book covers with style

True design, thy drugs art quick - what ho, apothecary! Become enamored with this epic where we'll redesign some classic book covers of one of the most famous writers of all time... Shall we design?

About the course

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what it is that makes us buy all those books that we never get round to reading? They say you should never judge a book by it's cover, but if we ad a nice aesthetic with a magnificent story... We'll achieve fame and fortune in the world of book cover illustration. The aesthetic of the shape and the counter-shape are what we're going to be applying in this resource, and repeat it, to create a winning resource when illustrating any book cover.

What are we going to develop?

We're going to create a series of illustrations on books by the same author. In this case, we've chose three of the bard Shakespeare's works. We have to keep the importance of the fact that we're working on a book that is currently in public domain, so we're sure nobody gets mad... Like, "lawyers" mad. We'll choose a closed color pallet and with textures brushes we'll create the final image and apply it to a mock-up so that it looks awesome.

What you'll learn

  • You'll learn to synthesize the book to get the main concept
  • Analyze the most important structures for a correct composition  
  • Place the title and the author's name in the right place on the book
  • Use the brushes in Photoshop to create a texturized effect
  • Summarize the main image and export the result to apply it on a mock-up

Who's this course for? Requisites

This course is for those with open minds that want to learn new ways and concepts where they can use their illustrative talents. If your idea is to present your portfolio to the editorial world, we really recommend that you give this course a look-see to make sure you understand the notions of each lesson.

You'll need a tablet, an drawing program like Photoshop and your imagination to get your work going, let's go? You in?

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Course Details

Beginner level 1h 33m 13 lessons 1,254 users


Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop


Carlota Martinez-Pantoja Bernal
Carlota Martinez-Pantoja Bernal
Carlota Martinez-Pantoja Bernal Teacher

Carlota MPB, MONKEYBARK, illustrator. A fan of Disney Studios and Cartoon Network, she studied illustration for two years at the San Telmo School of Art in Málaga, Spain. Before that, she started to learn how to draw of her own accord to try and follow her childhood dream of becoming an artist and specializing in character design. Although, she delves into other areas too, like concept art and animation, having recently collaborated in the latest video clip of the Spanish singer El Kanka.

To learn more, visit https://monkeybark.carbonmade.com/