Graphic Design: Create Your Own Mockups

Graphic Design: Create Your Own Mockups

Learn the correct use of mockups and give your product a professional look!

About this course

Mockups are an easy way to present a product or a brand in a very professional way and without any expense.

In this class, we'll show you how to make a free mockup in Photoshop. We'll introduce every level of design involved in the use of mockups: Styling, copyright…

We'll also learn the use of tools, smart objects, layer styles and live shapes to create photo-realistic mockups in Adobe Photoshop.

What project are we going to develop?

On this course, we'll learn how to make a business card, an iPhone, and iPad and as a bonus lesson, a CD.

Who's this course for?

Designers or professionals who want to present their products or brand in a professional way.

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Course Details

Beginner level 53m 10 lessons 130 users 3 attachments


Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop


Emma Hall
Emma Hall
Emma Hall Teacher

Designer from the East of England. Excited by the possibilities and developing aesthetics of digital, I work to create unique work in the tradition and character of the analgoue whilst also exploring its own aesthetic.

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