Graphic Design: Make Video Games Inspired Icons

Graphic Design: Make Video Games Inspired Icons

Love video games? Then you’ll love this course! Create your own video game style icons and, who knows? Maybe even your own video game!

About this course

Have you ever wondered how you could create icons in one software program and animate them in another? Some people make it look so easy! Well, on this course we’ll show you that it isn’t really that difficult, as we use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects to make our own animations.

This course is divided into different lessons, which will show how to create the icons and then, how to animate each of them, so you can easily follow along.

What project are we going to develop?

On this course, we’ll be making video game icons in Adobe Illustrator. Then, we’ll use After Effects to bring them to life. Although we’ll be creating specific icons, what you learn can be applied to any other kind of icon, illustration or design project.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to add life to otherwise boring icons.

Who’s this course for? Requirements

You don’t need to be an expert to take this course, the concepts will be explained clearly so you can follow along; but it is recommended that you have some experience with both programs, since basic concepts aren’t going to be explained.

We’ll be using Illustrator and After Effects CC. If you’re using a previous version, the layout might be different, but there shouldn’t be any major problems.

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Course Details

Intermediate level 1h 36m 11 lessons 75 users


After Effects After Effects Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator


Maria Keller
Maria Keller
Maria Keller Teacher

Maria Keller is a Mexican freelance motion designer and illustrator working with companies around the world. Her clients include Slyce, SnipSnap, Kittyrama, Advanced Medical, United Inc. and many more. She enjoys working hand in hand with her clients to produce all kinds of creative results.

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