Illustration: Create a Fantasy Character Design

Illustration: Create a Fantasy Character Design

Redesign the characters from your favorite films and give them your own personal touch!

About this course

Learn amazing photoshop tricks to redesign your favorite your film characters!

What project are we going to develop? Requirements

We will pick an existing character and redesign it adapting it to our own style. You need to know some basic drawing skills and Photoshop knowledge.

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Intermediate level 1h 17m 10 lessons 103 users


Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop


Javier Salas
Javier Salas
Javier Salas Teacher

Javier Salas, colombian freelance artist and designer working for the entertainment and videogame industry. Enjoys sharing his knowledge as a teacher in an art academy and creating tutorials for the web. He also a lover of classic art and good movies.

To learn more, visit https://javiersalas_art.artstation.com/