Illustration: Design Fantasy Maps

Ready for a journey to other worlds? Are you an adventurer? Learn to create from scratch the map for those worlds still waiting for you to survey and explore your designing skills on the way. What do you say?

About this course

In this creative course and using Photoshop as main software, we'll learn to generate from scratch a fantasy map. The course will be organized in several lessons. First, we'll briefly take a look to the origin and history of cartography or map-making on a basic level.

We'll do research on the different examples we can find throughout history, both real maps and other ones that were used to illustrate fantasy worlds.

We'll look for references about the style and the way of building these illustrations. All of this using the methods that are presented nowadays and through specific software for this task.

What project are we going to develop?

So once we've chosen the method, target and application, we'll start shaping our continents, seas, mountains, forests…

During most of this explanation we'll see different concepts like for example, drawing little creatures, making mountains, generating texts, seeing the possibilities of the layer styles…

So, once the work is done, we'll be able to fantasize with entering that imaginary world and going beyond the created map. The destination is up to you.

What we'll learn

  • Brief story of map illustration
  • Different styles and concepts about maps
  • Uses
  • Map creation methods.
  • To color depending on tropics
  • Lakes and islands generation
  • Mountain illustration
  • Trees, fauna and settlements illustration
  • To postproduce in Photoshop
  • Mockup usage

Wat will we need for this course?

  • Photoshop
  • Optional: Plugins for Photoshop like Lazy Nezumi Pro or Nik Software
  • Typographic fonts
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Course Details

Beginner level 2h 4m 15 lessons 230 users


Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop


Dídac  Soto
Dídac  Soto
Dídac Soto Teacher

Didac Soto is a 3D and multimedia designer based in Barcelona, where he studied illustration, animation and graphic design. He then went on to study a masters in 3D animation at the University of Salamanca. Specialized in 3D modeling and with 5 years experience in the industry, he has worked for various marketing and advertising agencies in Barcelona. As a freelance designer, he has worked and collaborated with clients all over the world, creating 3D models for indie video games in Mexico, the United States or the UK. He has also created projects for advertising, medical or even academic contexts. Currently, he combines his freelance work with the courses and tutorials he shares with students on Tutpad

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