Illustration: Design your own tattoos

Illustration: Design your own tattoos

Embarrasing tattoos that won't let you get that job? Can't get into that biker's gang you want to be buddies with? Can't seem to impress your mum with your tattoo choices? NOT ANYMORE! Check out this new course where we'll show you how to design the right tattoo for any occasion.

About this course

On this course, we'll be exploring the world of tattooing, in particular, the traditional style and we'll see how the work of the tattoo artist and the designer are closely linked. Using the old school style and the latest digital tools, we'll create a very clean and subtle design without losing the essence of this style that's been growing in popularity since the 20's.

What project are we going to develop?

On the course, we'll create our own version of a famous Cap Coleman design so you can learn how to design a flash tattoo digitally using Adobe Illustrator.  We'll begin by creating a digital sketch, then we'll define the line art before moving on to the color and finally the shading. Exactly the same process a tattoo artist goes through!

What you'll learn

With this course, you'll learn details about the history of the traditional or old school style tattoo and why it became so popular, as well as its defining characteristics and the reasons behind them. I'll also explain some tools and options in Illustrator that you might find useful for other projects such as the Pen tool, blending modes, corners, etc. 

Who is this course for? Requirements

This course is aimed at designers or illustrators that are interested in learning about the traditional tattoo style and also some of the basic tools in Adobe Illustrator. Don't worry! Everything will be explained clearly step by step, so even if you're new to the program, you won't have much difficulty in following the lessons. 

The only requirements are a computer with Adobe Illustrator installed on it and of course, a love of tattoos! 

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Beginner level 1h 44m 5 lessons 153 users


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Alba Zapata
Alba Zapata
Alba Zapata Teacher

Alba Zapata is a web and graphic designer based in Málaga, Spain. She specializes in branding and multimedia design. After several years working for various companies, she now works as a freelancer for different clients around the world.

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