Illustration: Evil or Devil, Design a Villain

Is there a bad guy inside you? Do you think Loki is a good person? Do you want Death Eaters to be your friends? Do you worship Sauron? That's settled: this course is for you. In this course, you're going to learn how to create villains with evil features. And, in case you don't identify yourself with a bad guy, you just need to enjoy and learn some interesting stuff about these characters. Can you feel the evil intentions growing inside you?

Carlota Martinez-Pantoja Bernal
Carlota Martinez-Pantoja Bernal
Carlota Martinez-Pantoja BernalTeacher

Carlota MPB, MONKEYBARK, illustrator. A fan of Disney Studios and Cartoon Network, she studied illustration for two years at the San Telmo School of Art in Málaga, Spain. Before that, she started to learn how to draw of her own accord to try and follow her childhood dream of becoming an artist and specializing in character design. Although, she delves into other areas too, like concept art and animation, having recently collaborated in the latest video clip of the Spanish singer El Kanka.

To learn more, visit https://monkeybark.carbonmade.com/