Illustration: Introduction to Vectorial Illustration

Travel to other worlds of design with this incredible Tutpad course where you will not only learn to use Illustrator, but travel through design universes such as Cartoon, Comic and Flat. Welcome this new author to take you to another universe, so what are you waiting for?

About this course

In this course I'm going to explain the Adobe interface that I use when developing my illustrations. After going over the styles that we can find in vectorial illustations, I'll go on to show you how to create with them. 

Lastly, we'll apply these styles in a series of mockups, depending on the appearance, to add them to our portfolio, giving it that professional style.

What project are we going to develop?

We'll learn to use the basic tools that Adobe Illustrator has on offer to apply them to our different styled creations we can develop in the program. 

Once we've got the hang of these tools, we can put them to use in a series of exercises that I've prepared for you to apply them to.

After showing you the necessary steps for our creations, we'll export the end result.

The objective of this course is to develop an illustration using the basic initial notions after having chosen one of the styles explained in the course. Choosing a theme related to historical events, we'll create a vectorial design that, finally, we'll place in a mockup for their final presentation.

What you'll learn

  • The use of the basic tools in Illustrator
  • Apply a limited color pallet to our design  
  • Using smart objects to apply the final images to mockups
  • Use the colors to create a secondary illumination effect
  • Apply textures with the brushes in Photoshop to give our work a more handmade look

Who is this course for? Requisites 

This course is for those who wish to learn to use the Illustrator program and want to use the creative capacity with the variety of styles we can create with the program. Those that wish to make impacting images thay can be applied to all kinds of products, aesthetics that are now popular on the market, and, for that reason, are useful for those who want to open their way into the world of design and vectorial illustration, and that really want to polish the program.

If you are already familiar with Illustrator, I still recommend doing this course seen as apart from going over the tools that you already know, I'm show you'll learn some tricks that may come in handy in your daily work.

You're going to need the Adobe Illustrator program, and if you want to amplify the experience of the course, I recommend having Photoshop and a tablet. This last part is optional, as in Illustrator, we have a series of resources that we can use to create without a tablet.

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Carlota Martinez-Pantoja Bernal
Carlota Martinez-Pantoja Bernal
Carlota Martinez-Pantoja Bernal Teacher

Carlota MPB, MONKEYBARK, illustrator. A fan of Disney Studios and Cartoon Network, she studied illustration for two years at the San Telmo School of Art in Málaga, Spain. Before that, she started to learn how to draw of her own accord to try and follow her childhood dream of becoming an artist and specializing in character design. Although, she delves into other areas too, like concept art and animation, having recently collaborated in the latest video clip of the Spanish singer El Kanka.

To learn more, visit https://monkeybark.carbonmade.com/