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Learn to design a monogram

For your brand or as a personal signature! Monograms are a super fun thing to design!

 About this course 

Monograms are great for personal brands or for a professional company. It consists in combining letters to form one symbol or one logo. You can design simple monograms using basic ideas and even manipulating typography to get a nice result. This course will show you how to create your own monogram from scratch using references for inspiration and then building a finished piece in Illustrator. 

What project are we going to develop? 

In this course, we're creating a two letter monogram from a simple sketch and also a three lettered monogram. We'll be adding textures and shading using tools in Illustrator to give depth to the monogram. Learn how to use the shape tools, texturing techniques, shading and also how to make the logo fit on a label at the end. 

Who’s this course for? Requirements

We're going to show you how to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop with basic knowledge required. We'll be using Creative cloud (CC) so if you have a previous version it may look a little different but the basic tools are still the same, so you should't have any problems. 

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Intermediate level 44m 9 lessons 71 users


Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator


Jeremy Mura
Jeremy Mura
Jeremy MuraTeacher

Jeremy Mura is a graphic designer and illustrator from Sydney, Australia. After graduating college with a degree in graphic design, he started working with design agencies doing branding and web projects. A short while after, he launched his own personal brand, applying his own knowledge to help other designers get better. He helps start-ups and emerging brands communicate to their audience through design and illlustration. He loves working with vector illustration, identity design and typography.

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