Motion Graphic: Create a 3D Logo Reveal Template

Motion Graphic: Create a 3D Logo Reveal Template

Does it take you a long time to modify an animation? Do you feel like it's too much work time to put in? Learn with this course how to make your own templates on After Effects and discover a simple way to optimize your workflow.

About the course:

In this course we're going to learn how to make an animation of a logo with a 3D effect. We're going to be using After Effects, from start to end, and nothing else. We're going to see that this program's options are so varied that we're going to be able to achieve a great result. 

What project are we going to develop?

A logo animation with a 3D effect. This project can also be reused if necessary as it's going to be totally editable. Step by step, we're going to go over everthing, from the creation of a background, to converting the logo to a 3D image, to giving it that animation as if it were a three dimensional atmosphere.

You're also going to learn animation techniques using keyframes using the graphic editor in After Effects, both editing the values and the speed.

Who is this for? Requirements: 

This is for any user of After Effects that have basic notions on the program, we've tried to make the course as detailed as possible so even new users can follow the whole project from scratch. 

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Ricardo Miguel Reyes Montoya
Ricardo Miguel Reyes Montoya
Ricardo Miguel Reyes Montoya Teacher

Miguel Reyes is a motion graphics designer that has worked with many companies making promotional videos, logos, intros among other projects. He has a BFA in Graphic Design and he's worked as a Freelancer since he graduated. He started making tutorials from 15 years of age, what started as a hobby, is now his full-time job.