Motion Graphics: After Effects from Scratch III

Motion Graphics: After Effects from Scratch III

Parts I and II of this course on After Effects were really exciting, right? It’s time to make the most of your skills and keep learning with the last part of the course. Are you ready?

About this course

In this third part, we are going to teach you about a wonderful tool called the Puppet pin tool which can be used to animate different parts of a character. And then, we bring the big guns and learn how to use the amazing plugin Duik, which is used for character rigging. What’s character rigging? Well that’s what you are going to learn here.

It’s going to be a harder course than the previous one, but at the end you will have amazing skills.

First we are going to animate one character and then we'll move on for the big final project where we are going to create a pretty hard character animation putting all our new found skills to work. Get ready for this final and awesome part of the series.

What project are we going to delevop?

We will learn how to use the Puppet pin tool and the Duik plugin. Then, we are going to create the rigging and the animation for a character.

Then, we are going to create one final long animation using the Duik plugin and more skills

Who is this course for?

This course is very straight to the point on character animation, so it is HIGHLY recommended that you watch the first two parts of the series before jumping into this one.

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Carlos Behrens
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