Photography: Introduction to Manual Settings

Do you like photography but you're stuck in auto mode? Do you have a good camera but your photos aren't that good? Stop complaining and become a great photographer with Silvia, a photography lover who'll tell you all the secrets and tips you need to know about the amazing world of manual photography. Don't miss this opportunity! Do you want to join us?

Silvia J.Esteban
Silvia J.Esteban
Silvia J.EstebanTeacher

Silvia J. Esteban is a photographer, editorial designer and teacher at Apertura, where she's been teaching photography for 9 years. Her professional career has always been connected to teaching. She loves teaching her beginner students the beauty of light and how to develop great observation skills to study the world around them so that they can get better pictures. She also shows them to discover the best tool they have: their camera. Apart from this, she is a layout teacher for professional courses and works at an analog laboratory where she researches on how to create images without a camera, using photograms, chemigrams and pinhole cameras. She loves sharing all her knowledge with her students.

To learn more, visit http://www.aperturafoto.es/cursos-fotografia/staff-silvia-j-esteban/