Photography: Raw Footage Edition on After Effects

Photography: Raw Footage Edition on After Effects

So you took a nice video at the weekend. But what if you make it an EXCELLENT video with After Effects? On this course, we'll teach you several tricks to improve your videos and make them amazing.

About this course

So we want to turn your weekend video from nice to awesome in After Effects. On this course, I'll teach you several tricks to improve your videos and make them amazing. We're going to use Adobe After Effects and you'll learn some handy tips and tricks, like colorizing footage, and really awesome effects like adding motion tracking to your objects and creating a slow-motion effect. I'll explain each step thoroughly and when you finish the course you'll be able to edit your footage on your own and create really nice effects.

What project are we going to develop?

We'll take raw footage and improve the colors, remove some objects and even add a beautiful sky. All this will be done in Adobe After Effects.

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for both beginners or intermediate students. If you have a notion of After Effects, you'll enjoy it, and if you've never used it before, you'll learn a lot.

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Carlos Behrens
Carlos Behrens
Carlos Behrens Teacher

Carlos is a graphic designer who works from his own studio in Spain, The Design Owl. He works with clients from all around the world designing everything from logos and stationery to animations and 3D graphics. He loves to share his knowledge with people who are eager to learn.

To learn more, visit http://www.thedesignowlm.com/

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