UI Design: Develop a Travel App Interface

UI Design: Develop a Travel App Interface

Set out for Interface Design and discover how to develop the design of your interface step by step in Illustrator. Then, animate it in After Effects and show your creation to the rest of the world. Ready, set, go!

About this course

Everyone loves to travel. Travel to another country, travel to another city or travel to your fridge and then travel back to your bed. For the first two, we can use a travel app! Now, as a user, think about this: how should a travel app be? What should it have? Images, text, buttons? What do you want in an app? When you have the answers as an user, then you will have the answers as a designer. In this course, we are going to learn how to make a simple but functional travel app design, decide on the font, on the type of images, the type of icons, and then, we are going to animate it! We will create a nice animation to showcase how the app is going to work and how the user is going to feel when using it.

What project are we going to develop?

We are going to create the design for a travel app and then we are going to create an animation on After Effects showcasing how the app is going to work.

Who is this course for?

This course is for everyone as the explanation is very thorough, however, having at least a basic knowledge on the software (menus, interface, basic animations) will make this course much easier.

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Carlos Behrens
Carlos Behrens
Carlos Behrens Teacher

Carlos is a graphic designer who works from his own studio in Spain, The Design Owl. He works with clients from all around the world designing everything from logos and stationery to animations and 3D graphics. He loves to share his knowledge with people who are eager to learn.