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Silvia Salvador Pérez

Silvia Salvador Pérez @s.silvia

I’ve recently joined Tutpad with a view to get in touch with design tools. I studied Enviromental Science and now I want to move on to a different career in Design. I decided to start bit-by-bit, setting goals that allow me to build a portfolio. Thanks to Tutpad I´m becoming a more confident designer.

Cassandra Bermúdez Birniks

Cassandra Bermúdez Birniks @cassandralee

I already work as a Graphic designer, but in this profession, you need to keep up with the trends every single day. I especially like the video courses where I get to see other professional’s ways of making things happen on the artboard. I find it inspiring and not that time consuming compared to longer programs.

Ross Burrows

Ross Burrows @rburrow

Hi! I’m a Photography student and I’m really keen on art and design. These days, photographers need to also be content creators and I think Tutpad is providing me with the tools that can help me become a multidisciplinary professional.



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