tamcik Full Time Remote Worker

Published: 2 April 2019

2 months ago

¡Sin palabras! Me ha encantado el rollo boceto que tienen, un trabajo que está muy chulo, gracias por compartirlo con nosotros. Si te gusta este estilo de dibujo a mano, hand-drawn, de tu proyecto me ha recordado a este curso, que quizás te viene bien para perfeccionar la técnica. Un saludo :)

Speechless! I loved the sketch roll they have, a job that is very cool, thanks for sharing it with us. If you like this style of hand drawing, hand-drawn, of your project has reminded me of this course , which perhaps suits you to perfect the technique. A greeting :)

2 months ago

Ok. Thank u for your appreciation. That's sketch still alpha step. Cz, I want to share my knowledge from this course. And I still improve that sketch to the next step. That's it.