How to create a Christmas pattern in Adobe Illustrator


So Christmas is near! Illuminated nights, childhood illusions, family reunions and fun experiences filled with joy. And with all of this Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without decorations wherever you look, in your houses and cities. That is why we are going to dedicate this tutorial on learning how create this Christmas pattern. So let’s get started!

1. Preparing the document

The first step is to create a new document in Adobe Illustrator, File>New, with this parameters:

  • Dimensions: 800x600px
  • Color mode: RGB
  • Resolution: 72 ppp

Activate the option “Align new objects to Pixel Grid”


2. Create the background

Step 1

Begging by creating a grey background with the Rectangle tool that covers the whole artboard.

This will help the white elements pop out.


3. Choose the color palette

Determine the colors we are going to use. Generate a new group in the swatch palette. Swatch>New color group>with the swatches selected.


4. Create the glove

All the elements have been created from basic geometric shapes.

Step 1

In this step we are going to work with the Rounded corner rectangle tool, ellipse tool and, Pen tool.



Step 2

To include the Ellipse inside the glove, we have duplicated the glove just on top (Ctrl+C Ctrl+F) and select the Ellipse, the copy and go to Pathfinder>Crop.


5. Create the sock

Step 1

We will work with Rectangle tool and the Pen tool (Variable width).



Step 2

We repeat the same process used for the first object: To include the ellipses inside the sock shape, we duplicate the sock just on top (Ctrl+C Ctrl+F), select the ellipses and the copy and: Pathfinder>Crop.


6. Create the hat

For the hat, we will use the Pen tool, Ellipse, Rounded rectangle. And we are going to use with Effect>Stylize>Round corners to round the upper part of the hat.


7. Create the ball

Step 1

Using the Ellipse tool, Rounded rectangle and the Pathfinder>Crop.


Step 2

And now the Ellipse Tool, with and without fill color.


8. Create the cane

Step 1

Make the shape of the cane with the Pen tool. Transform the stroke in fill color and apply Effect>Stylize>Round corners, to give it a rounded look.


Step 2

Once again with the Pathfinder, as we did on the previous elements.


9. Create the mistletoe

Step 1

Make 3 red ellipses and inside them other 3 and unite. Then create 2 ellipses with a white fill color and we grab the upper and lower anchor points, transform them in to vertex and given them leaf shape.


Step 2

Draw the stem and with the Pen tool (variable width).


10. Create the snow flake

Step 1

We use the Pen Tool, with a white width and rounded caps.



*Don’t forget to Expand (Object>Expand) all the elements when you are done and group them up (Ctrl+G) to manipulate them more easily.

11. Make the pattern

Step 1

First decide what size is going to be our rapport. In this case 200x200px. Create a square with the Rectangle tool. You need to have in mind that the bigger the base is, the less time it will be repeated. Depending on the type and style of the pattern we will need a size or another.


Step 2

We will start spreading the elements that we will put inside the square. Make sure it doesn’t touch any edge.


Step 3

Now let’s work with the elements that are going to be touching the edges. Every time que place and element on any edge, we must repeat it on the opposite side, so that once we have the rapport ready, they continue one another. To place it exactly where it must be, duplicate the object.

Click right button Transform>Transform individually.


A window will pop out and in Move>Vertical>200px (That is what our pattern measures). This way the copy will move in the same (but opposite) place.


Step 4

Repeat the same process with the left edge elements, but this time move them along the X Axis.


Step 5

Once we are done with the edges, fill the pattern with little snowflakes using the Ellipse tool and the Star Tool.


Step 6

Finally we copy and paste the base (Ctrl+C Ctrl+F) and go to Pathfinder>Crop. And we are done!


Step 7

Now the only thing left is to drag out rapport to the swatch palette. Apply it as if it were a regular color and there you have it!


Well, hope you like it and see you soon!



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