In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a pair of funky headphones anyone would love having! We will use simple geometric shapes and gradients which will help achieving a more realistic look. Have fun following this tutorial and let’s get started!

1. Prepare the document

Step 1

Let’s star creating a new document (File>New) on Adobe Illustrator with the next values:

• Number of Artboards: 1

• Width: 800px

• Height: 600 px

• Units: Pixels

• Orientation: Horizontal


• Color Mode: RGB

• Raster Effects: Screen (72 ppi)

Activate “Align New Objects to Pixel Grid”

Step 2

Stablish a grid (Edit>Preferences>Guides & Grids) with 50px in the Gridline every, and 4 in Subdivisions. Activate the grid (View>Show grid) and Snap to Grid (View>Snap to grid).

2. Drawing the speakers

Let’s start by creating the speakers and then we will move on to the rest of the headphones.

Step 1

Select the Rectangle tool (M) and create a rectangle that’s 75x100px with fill color: Black. Remove the stroke. With the Direct selection tool (A), round all the corners.

Activate the Info panel (Window>Info) to see how things are positioning.

Step 2

Create a centered ellipse that’s 50x50px with the Ellipse tool (L). Create a gradient at the Gradient panel (Window>Gradient) with the colors A (#000000) at position 0% and 100% opacity. And color B (#444242) at position 100% and 100% opacity.

Draw a straight line up down, with the Gradient tool (G), on the first shape. Draw another line in 45º angle, up down on the ellipse.

Step 3

Grab the ellipse again and copy and paste on top (Ctrl C+ Ctrl F). Send back (Objects>Arrange>Send backward) and fill with #000000.

Step 4

Grab the ellipse again and copy and paste on top (Ctrl C+ Ctrl F). Duplicate again (Ctrl F) and move it at the Move panel (double click on the Selection Tool) with a 0,5ps value on vertical position.

Select both ellipses and add a Minus Front from the Pathfinder. Apply a gray panel from the Swatch panel.

Step 5

Grab the previous ellipse and copy and paste on top (Ctrl C+ Ctrl F). Go to Effect>Path>Offset Path and stablish -7px in Offset. Expand appearance (Object>Expand Appearance). Draw a straight horizontal line from left to right with a Gradient tool (G).

Step 6

Duplicate the ellipse (Ctrl C+ Ctrl F) and apply Effect>Path>Offset Path, -2px. Expand appearance (Object>Expand appearance)

Step 7

Select the first ellipse we‘ve created and once again copy and paste on top and apply Effect>Path>Offset Path, 8px in the Offset box. Send back (Object > Arrange > Send Backward) twice.

Make sure that it ends under the speaker’s shadow.

Step 8

With the Direct Selection Tool (A) select the lower anchor point and delete. Select the half ellipse with the Selection Tool (V) and press Ctrl+J to close the open anchor points.

Grab once more the Direct Selection Tool (A) and round the corners. Add a new linear gradient. With the Gradient tool (G) draw a vertical line from up down.

Step 9

Deactivate for a moment the Snap to Grid (Ctrl + “) and create a 25px for width and height with the Rectangle Tool (M).

Place the square centered with the speaker on top of were the arm of the headphone starts. Send it back (Object > Arrange > Send to Back) and then forward (Object > Arrange > Bring Forward).

Apply an interior gradient with the Eyedropper Tool (I) and trace a straight line form left to right with the Gradient tool (G).

Step 10

Create a 35x10px rectangle with the Rectangle Tool (M) and place it on top of the previous square. Round it’s corners with the Direct Selection Tool (A) and draw a vertical line with the Gradient tool (G)

Step 11

Create a 20x15px rectangle with the Rectangle Tool (M) and place it on top of the previous square. With the Free Transform tool (E) create a trapezoid just on top. Draw an horizontal line with the Gradient tool (G).

Step 12

Copy and paste on top the rectangle. Flip horizontal (Object>Transform>Reflect) Double click in Selection Tool (V) and move -4px on vertical position.

Round the lower corners with the Direct Selection Tool (A). 

Step 13

Select all we’ve made except the upper ring. Group (Crtl+G) and place the rotation point on the upper part with the Rotation Tool (R), make Alt+Click and stablish a 25º angle.


Nos we are going to reflect the speakers horizontally.

Step 1

Copy the speaker and paste on top. Flip vertical (Object>Transform>Reflect) and move with the Selection Tool (V) 100px to the right.

Select both speakers and group. Center everything at the Align panel.

Step 2

Draw an ellipse that’s 135,12x135,12px and with the help of the Direct selection Tool (A), drag one of the anchor points with the corner of the speaker ring.

Copy and paste on top the ellipse tool and apply a 20px Offset Path (Effect>Path>Offset Path). Expand appearance.


Select all the shapes and with the Shape Builder Tool (Shift+M) add the arc shape that is created. Them with the Eyedropper tool (I) grab the speakers gradient and apply it to the arc.

Step 4

We are almost ready.

Create an ellipse that’s 300x300px with the Ellipse Tool (L). Apply a radial gradient from black (#000000) position 01% and opacity 20%, and white position 100%, opacity 0%.

Stablish a height of 50px in the Transform panel and center the ellipse under the headphones.

Congrats! We are done!

Great! Look at the awesome headphones we just made. I had a lot of fun making them and I hope you enjoyed too and learn new techniques you can apply to your future projects.

Remember! Practice make perfect!

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