In this tutorial you will learn How to create & animate a soccer badge with basic lines and shapes. Launch Adobe Illustrator and enjoy the process!



We will begin creating a New Document and then we will make the basic shapes of the ball and badge. Let’s go!

Step 1

In Adobe illustrator create a New File (File>New) with the following values:


Step 2

For the soccer ball, create an ellipse that’s 175x175px centered in the Artboard with the Ellipse Tool (L). Use a white for the fill color and and red for the stroke. Change the stroke weight to 4 px.

With the Polygon Tool create a red pentagon with a 30px radius in the center of the ellipse. Copy and paste the shape. Rotate horizontally and place it on the upper part of the sphere. Duplicate the pentagon five times from the center of the ellipse with the Rotation Tool ( R ) into 72 degrees. Delete de shapes out of the the ellipse using the Shaper Builder Tool (Mayus+M). Group all the shapes (Ctrl+G).


Step 3

Join the corners of the pentagons with the Line Segment Tool with a red stroke 4px wide and a Projecting cup. Create an ellipse of 200x200px around the soccer ball with a stroke weight 4 colored in red with a white fill color. Send it behind the soccer ball (Arrange>Send to back).


Step 4

Let’s create a 600x600px ellipse with the Ellipse Tool (L), once again red stroke 4px but this time no fill color. Aligned the two ellipse vertex and using the Rotation Tool ( R ) to duplicate the big ellipse three times (into 120 degrees), placing the anchor point on the center of the pentagon. Select the three ellipses and with the Sharper Builder Tool (Mayus+M) create an intersected shape around de ball. Remove the excess.


Step 5

Select the badge and fill it in with white and send it back (Object>Arrange> Send to back). Then copy (Ctrl+C) and paste in front (Ctrl+F). We will make and offset shape going to Effect>Path>Offset Path and apply –10 px in the offset value. Lastly go to Object>Expand appearance.


Step 6

Now we will create the lines behind the soccer ball on the badge. Select the small badge and double click over it to isolate it, this way it will be easier to work. In this point, select the Line Segment Tool and create a red vertical line from the center of the badge. Then with the Rotation Tool ( R ) duplicate the lines with 5 degrees with the anchor on the down vertex. Select everything, grab the Shape Builder Tool (Mayus+M) and remove the lines outside the badge. Exit the Isolation Mode.


Step 7

For the top text create a new Text Layer (aligned to center) and with the Type Tool (T) type "PLAY WITH" with whatever font you prefer. In my case I have used Azo Sans Medium, size 20 pt, tracking 200. Select the text and go to Effect>Warp>Arc, Horizontal, Bend to 13%. Now select the Line Segment Tool stroke 4pt and draw an horizontal of 240px aligned to the center. Apply a Warp Arp with a Bend of 24% Horizontal. Expand (Object>Expand Appearance). With the Scissors Tool ( C ), create a node on the path and remove the right node with the Selectio Direct Tool

(A). Lastly Copy and Paste in front and reflect vertical axis with the Reflect Tool (O) placing the anchor point in the center of the badge.



Step 8

Now, let’s create the banner.

Create two rectangles, one for the title 200x60px and one for the banner flaps 60x60px. Isolate the rectangles and with the Pen Tool (P) add an anchor on the center left side of the flap and with the Selection Direct Tool slide it inwards.

Then add another node with the Pen Tool (P) on the rite side and move it inward and down with the Selection Direct Tool (A). Copy and Paste in front and Reflect vertical axis. Place the reflected flap on the other side of the rectangle. Exit Isolation Mode and select the banner group, go to Effect>Warp>Arc and apply Bend 51%. Now go to Object>Expand Appearance and place the banner in the center of the badge, Ungroup (Shift+Ctrl+G), select the flaps and send back.


Step 9

Now let’s create the "HEART" title for the banner. Create a text layer (Size 40pt, centered, set tracking in 200, white color) over the rectangle path. Create two little ellipses, place them on top of the banner and you are ready! Let’s go to Adobe Photoshop to animate the GIF!


Step 10

Prepare the document to export to Abobe Photoshop. First on the Layer panel, Release to Layers (Sequence). You can rename the layers so it will be easier to find them on photoshop. Then export the Photoshop file "Using Artboards" (File>Export>Export as).




Now let’s create an animated GIF on Adobe Photoshop with the layers we have imported from Adobe Illustrator. Let’s go!

Step 1

Open the exported file from Abobe Illustrator to Photoshop. Ass you see, we have all the layers in the Layer panel. Now we will bring out the Timeline panel (Window>Time line) where we will create "Video Timeline". Set the work area to 02:00f end.


Step 2

Let’s animate Layer 9 by touching Position and Opacity. Create a new keyframe with Opacity 0% at the beginning of the timeline and 100% on the last frame. For the Position create a new Keyframe

keeping the current position in the frame 20 and move it down with the keyboard arrows in frame 0. Repeat the step with layer 6 and 7.


Step 3

Now let’s make the ball rotate. Convert layer 11 in to a Smart Object and create a new Transformation Key frame at frame 0, then in 01,00 frame give it a 72 degrees and in the last frame 144 degrees.


Step 4

No to the banner badge. Apply a Gradient Overlay at layer 5, opacity 50%, 24 degrees angle, white color and Normal blend mode. Move the gradient with the Move tool (V) to the left and create a new Style in the last keyframe. Move again the gradient to the right at frame 01:00 and create a new style keyframe. Repeat on layer 15 and 16.


Step 5

To finish, we will animate the "HEART" title. On layer 4 set and Oppacity Keyframe at 0% and on the last keyframe, set it up to 100%

Finally create a Solid Color White and place it as a background.


Step 6

Export the GIF (File>Export>Save for Web) with the following values and you are done!




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