How to create a Knit Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial I’ll show you some tricks to make a vector knitting texture. You don’t need to take your needle or thread, just with Illustrator you’ll have an amazing Christmas knitting pattern.

Hello everyone welcome to this tutorial! I'm going to show you how to make a Christmas pattern like this one here. As you see it has a wool effect, making it look as if it were knitted. Start by choosing your color palette. I've chosen this "Christmasy" one. So now let's start with our design. We make a dark square that's 10 by 10 pixels. Then we make a V shape with the pen tool, give the stroke a light color and a variable width of 3 points. We expand the stroke and we drag with the square to the swatch palette to create the pattern. We create a rectangular shape and we fill it with a pattern we just made. Now in this order we have to expand and release the clipping mask. Delete the rectangle that delimits the clipping mask. With all the shapes selected ungroup 2 times and we're just going to keep 15 columns, delete the rest. Now we have to select the v shapes and by changing the color create different motifs like this flower for example. To separate the shapes you can make a trimming combining different colors. Delete what you don't need and group your pattern. A little advice, when making patterns at this point I always duplicate so I can go back in case I need to change something to make everything fit nicely. Select one of the copies merge and drag it to the swatch panel. So now we have our pattern done and ready to use in any shape you want. I hope you like this tutorial and to see you on the next one. Bye!
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