How to make floral patterns easily with free vectors

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    Learn how to use the Pattern Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator while you learn to create a floral pattern in Adobe Illustrator using free vectors from Freepik. You will learn how to create a pattern out of any vector asset of your choice with the introduction of the Pattern Tool in Adoble Illustrator.

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    hey everybody and welcome to this quick video tutorial on how to create patterns here on free pick my name is Ramona and I would like to show you how you can create your own pattern here in Adobe Illustrator first let me show you what kind of free acid i chose for example if you were looking for a pattern and you can't find the pattern you like but you find another free vector here and free patient and you would like to create a pattern out of this i would like to show you how to do this so first we would download this file here and then we're going to open up Adobe Illustrator with the file open I selected this one here and then I created a new file and paste it in now this is the rose that i would like to use for the pattern first I would like to make a copy of it move it to the side and then scale it down after that I'm going to place it underneath and i'm going to create a copy of the big rose here but I'm going to reflect it after that i think i would just like to have another copy of the small rose here and I place it like this now we have the tool here in Adobe Illustrator called the pattern tool so all we have to do is actually select all of the shapes of objects that we would like to use for pattern then we're going to object pattern make now we get a pop-up we have to pattern options panel and illustrator will tell us that the new pattern has been added to the swatches panel and here we can see it if you don't want to see this message every single time just check don't show again now here's the pattern let me quickly show you what the things mean here in the pattern options panel first we will give it a name let's call it rose then here we have to tile type you can go through the other options and just have a look what they look like and then we have to width and height you can constrain the proportions and then we have sized town to art and move tile with art now if each exercise time to art and that would select an object in my pattern and move it you can see that the box moves visited no matter where I put it now if i uncheck that and I just move it back and I check it again its order resets it and this you can already see i can select the shapes that i'm using for the pattern and what if I don't particularly like the position of this little rose here I can move it around and you can see how it updates the pattern you can even select all of it and select the free transform tool and size them down and as you can see everything gets smaller now of course because we have size tile to art not take the box is pretty big in order to snap the box around our objects again just selected and you can see that we have now the box much closer to our shapes so now if i move it around again unchecked it will updated and this is it once you're done you can either select save a copy click down or cancel this button here if you click it you exit the pattern editing mode so I'm done so i'm going to click this and now i can see my pattern here in the swatches panel with the name Rose if I want to make a change all i have to do is double-click it i'm getting back into the pattern options editing more and i can tweak it and updated and once i'm done and just clicked on again and here's where you can use pattern for example for your own cell phone case this is again a free resource here from free pic and i created a pattern for a cell phone case and this is it i hope this little quick tip you really will help you to create your own patterns just in case you can't find any out there and you want to create your and this is it for now and hope to see you again here on free pic
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