Video Tutorial: How to create a Lovely Couple Label I in Adobe Illustrator


We know Valentine’s Day is a bit far off! But at Freepik we think any day is good for celebrating love! So today we'll teach you, in a few simple steps, how to draw a lovely couple on Adobe Illustrator. Using basic tools we'll learn how to create, in two parts, this couple which you can adapt for you and your sweetheart!

Hi everyone! Today, we're going to learn how to draw characters in flat style with Adobe Illustrator. Let's start by creating a 145px circle. With a four point stroke. Grab this anchor point, press Ctrl, and drag down, so we get the shape of the face. Now, let's do the ears with a 30 pixels ellipse. Align the center of the circle with the face, helping yourself by bringing out the outline, Cmd+Y. Duplicate the ear with Alt, and then, send all back. Duplicate one of the circles for the eyes. With Ctrl, we delete half the circle. Click on transform, and move horizontal 70 pixels. Press preview to see how it would look, and then hit copy. I'm going to group both eyes, and then align them to the face. Now we are going to make the hair by duplicating the face. Press Alt and drag up. Make it a bit bigger. I'm going to remove the fill so we can see how it could look like. And with Cmd+Y, I place it more precisely. Now, with the pen tool we're going to draw the fringe. I'm going to divide the hair to the side, but this is up to your personal taste. You can do it as ever you want. I'm going to complete it roughly so I have it closed. And then with pathfinder, we can intersect and just keep the fringe. Now, let's adjust the shape. Let's make the mouth with a curve. Then we're going to duplicate and reflect it. Align both sides, and with Cmd+J, attach them. Let's round out the caps. The lower lip is going to be a 23 pixel ellipse, without stroke, and a red fill color. Using the eraser and Alt, we're going to delete the part we don't need. With two smaller ellipses, let's make the upper lips and place them where you want. For the nose, create a 15 pixel ellipse and align it with everything. Drag the upper anchor point while pressing Shift. For a pair of rosy cheeks, let's use a pair of triangles. You can turn them around, and round a bit the corners, as you wish. Expand the appearance, duplicate, align, and group with the nose. Now, let's make an ellipse that's 20 pixels high and 5 wide. And we will use this to make the earrings. We're going to expand them, and place them where we need them. Delete the fill color and erase a bit of the top. Once again, duplicate, reflect, and align with everything. Let's make the neck with the pen tool. We're just going to make half, and then we'll just duplicate and reflect. Once you have both sides, join them with the Pathfinder. So now we just need to add the body. Let's use a rounded rectangle: 290 pixels width, 230 pixels height. 188 pixels corner radius. Align and place everything, send it back. Let's erase the part we don't need and also, let's make a little adjustment to the caps. For the color, let's use a rounded rectangle of 69 pixels tall and wide and a 7 pixels corner radius. Rotate it 45º. Put it on top and select the rest of the body to get the right path. And now i'm going to duplicate the color and cut the body. Place the shape where you need, duplicate, group them up, and finish aligning them. Now, let's duplicate the neck and put it on top. Press Cmd+7, and then you get a mask. Now, let's make a ponytail. I'm using the pen tool, and I've added a white fill color so that you don't see what is behind. OK, so we've got our girl. On the next video we will see how to do her fellow partner. Stay tuned
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