Abstract geometric pattern in Adobe Illustrator

Prepare the new document

The first step is to create a new document in Illustrator. Go to File > New Document, and input these values:

  • Size: 1200x700 px
  • Color Mode: RGB
  • Resolution: 72 ppi

Select “Align New Objects to the Pixel Grid”.

Choose the color palette

We’ll begin by selecting the color palette we want for our pattern. Once you’ve decided on your colors, open the Swatch Panel by going to Window > Swatches. Create a folder for your selected colors by clicking on Create New Color Group.

Create the shapes for our pattern

Step 1

Make a hexagon with the Polygon tool. Then, with the Line Segment tool, draw three lines through the angles (with no fill or stroke). Then divide these by selecting Divide in the Pathfinder panel. This way, our hexagon becomes six triangles.

Step 2

Ungroup the triangles, go to Object > Ungroup, so you can select them individually with the Selection tool. Then, apply the colors you chose from your Swatch panel.

Create the pattern

Step 1

Once you’ve applied the color, group by going to Object > Group. Then select the hexagon and drag it into the Swatch panel.

Step 2

Double click on the swatch that you just created. This takes us into the options for that swatch. Change the Tile Type to Hex by Column. 

Apply the pattern

Our pattern is almost there. We just need to apply it to our Artboard with the appropriate size. We’ll do this with a rectangle, using the Rectangle tool. Make the rectangle the same size as the Artboard and then apply the pattern to it from the Swatch panel. 

Final Tip

It’s important to point out that the size of our polygon in our pattern depends on the size of the hexagon when we drag it onto the Swatch panel.

So, if you’re not convinced, you can try a different pattern by modifying the size of the hexagon.

But you should try out different shapes and sizes, as any modification could change the pattern significantly.

And that’s all! A really versatile design we can give so many different uses. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and found it useful.

See you next time!

What’s your opinion of this tutorial?

María Vázquez Reina
María Vázquez Reina
María Vázquez ReinaTeacher

Freelance Illustrator and designer working for Freepik

To learn more, visit https://www.behance.net/mariquita_


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