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In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make incredible comic explosion bubbles in a vintage style. You’ll learn how to use the Ben-Day dots in Illustrator and how to draw in a comic style using the Pen tool.

Hello everyone! In this video, I'm going to show you how to make comic style explosions like the ones you see here. Let's start by dividing the panel. Choose the Rectangular marquee tool, with a transparent filling and a black stroke, 20 pixels wide. Now, we make the inner divisions with the Pen tool. Draw 6 panels with a black edge and 20 pixels wide. So we group the strokes and we copy them. We create a new layer and we place it underneath the original one. Hide the layer. We keep this election and in Pathfinder we hit divide. Now we un-group, and this way we will get the background of our panels. Let's fill the first panel in red, and blue, the next one orange, the fourth will be yellow, black and the last one, red. To add a bit more of authenticity, Let's add a polka dot pattern to the background. Create a black circle that is 10 pixels tall and wide. Grab it, and drag it to the swatches palette. Delete the one we created. Copy and paste it on the top of the first panel. Double-click on the swatch palette and mark 20 pixels on height and width. And we change the title type from "grid" to "break by column".On Illustrator, in the palette mode, you can also find basic black dot patterns. that will come really in handy. To get different results, we can vary the colors on the patterns. To do this, click on the pattern on the swatch palette Block this layer and make visible the ones we had hidden. Create a new layer in between the layers, where we will make explosions. With a black stroke, let's create the effect of smoke going up. Give the inner stroke a 3 point variable width. And for the exterior, give it 5 points. When we're done with it, fill in with white. We are going to make the clouds with a ring shape. We give the stroke a variable width. Let's add a bit of depth to our smoke. And we'll group the column to the cloud. Now, for the fourth panel, let's make an explosion with straight lines. We're going to use a black 4 point, variable width stroke. When we are finished, we fill it with orange. We repeat the same process, but this time we will make it smaller and red. Block the layer. Let's now create a new layer on top. Now, draw a cloud with very closed curves to give a more dynamic and aggressive look. We'll fill it with white. Let's leave this aside by the moment and go to the first panel. Here, we're going to draw a bomb exploding. So let's start with the background which we'll make with the Pen tool. When we have the explosion finished, fill it with white. We make another one on top with yellow, and another one even smaller, in red. Draw some lines to add strength. In the second panel, we're going to make another six explosions. Fill it in with red and give it a 5 point stroke. Once again we draw a smaller one on top, but this time, yellow. And finally, an even smaller one, but this time, we'll change the width to 3 points. Group everything and let's move to the final panel. Here we are also going to draw some black lines to emphasize the strength. We group this up and we draw a new zig-zag explosion inside. We're going to give it a 5 point width stroke and a yellow fill color. Group up and now we have all our explosion backgrounds. We're going to add little stars to decorate our panels. We will use the Star tool, different colors and a 20 point black stroke. Now, we type the onomatopoeia with a font like, for example, cartwheel, size: 87 points. We mess up the letters a bit so they look as if they had been affected by our explosions. You can even change a bit the size of the letters. Now, we fill our letters with a nice color and apply a black 5 point stroke. On the stroke panel, we're going to choose a line stroke with exterior. And now, to finish let's make a bomb that will go to our first panel. With the ellipse tool we make a 100 pixel height and width. Let's put a wide 4 point stroke and block the filling. We copy and paste it on top to get a concentric circle that we will have with no fill color. With the Direct selection tool, we will select the top and right anchor points and delete. The remaining quarter circle we have ,we're going to give it a variable width: 7 points. We make the top part with the Pen tool, and we draw a trapezoid that we will send back. yeah Now, let's draw the fuse and the flame with the Pen tool again. So now, the only thing left is to place all the onomatopoeias on their panel. And so now, we're done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and until the next one!
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