How to create a crystal banner effect

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In the video tutorial you'll learn how to make an abstract banner. Just using the blending modes, you'll create a crystal vector and amazing shiny effects.

Hello everyone, and welcome back. On this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to get a crystal effect for banners on Adobe Illustrator like the one you see here. First of all, what we're going to do, is create a rectangle the same size as our work space on the back layer. A subtle gradient from light grey to white with a gradient tool. Position the gradient tool bar diagonally, so the grey stays on the upper left corner, and the white on its opposite. When you have this, block the layer. Next with the pen tool, we will trace a 4-sided shape that will be the back part of our banner. Fill the shape with a gradient from hot pink, to a pink a bit darker. To get a more natural effect we will go to angle stroke and we'll type - 150. We will also apply this same gradient to our four sided stroke, by clicking apply gradient along the stroke. And to finish it, widen it two points. And we're done with this part. To make the crystal we have to draw another 4-sided shape with the pen. Fill it in with white. Now, change the opacity at 90%, and to finish change blending mode to soft light. To create the edge, copy the crystal and paste it on top. Remove the white filling, and apply a linear gradient across the stroke with three colors: grey, white and grey. Widen the stroke two points. We are done with the crystal. Now, we just have to add the highlights to give it more sense of reality. In order to protect what we have done until the moment, we are going to block the layer and create a new one where we are going to work now. With Ctrl+F, paste the crystal we have on the clipboard and paste it on top. Using the pen tool, draw a line that divides our object in two. Select the line and the 4-sided shape, and on pathfinder click divide. Ungroup both elements and you will get two parts. Apply a gradient that goes from grey to white, with a 20º angle and a 10% opacity on the left side. Fill the right side with black. 10% opacity. And blending mode lighten. Group back the pieces. Now, let's make the highlights more intense. To do this, create a perfect circle, filled with radial gradient that goes from pure black to pure white. Concentrate the white in the middle of the circle, and then change blend mode to screen. Flatten the circle until it's wider than taller, copy it and paste it on top. This time, make the copy taller than wider. Join both shapes and place them on top of our fourth square. Copy the highlight and place it wherever you think it would shine. To give it a more realistic look, change the sizes of the highlights. When you're done, group all the sparkles and block the layer in which we've been working. To finish the banner, we're going to add some text. Grab the type tool. I'm going to use the Open Sans Bold typography, at 25 points and paragraph centered. I want my text in white. And with 100 tracking. For the subtitle we're going to do the same than in the previous one, but this time we will make it a bit smaller, take off the tracking, and change the typography to Open Sans Light. And now we're done with this tutorial on how to make banners with crystal effect on Adobe Illustrator.
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Great tutorial ... Keep up the good work

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COOL tutorial

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