How to create a Halloween Pattern in Adobe Photoshop

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Hi everyone! Are those costumes ready? And what about the treats? Well if you're still not in the mood, let us help you get prepared with this Halloween tutorial where we'll learn how to create a rapport (or repeat pattern) that you can use to create your own fabric designs, papers… So put the broom aside for a while and let’s get started!

Decide which will be the theme and sketch

The first thing we're going to do is chose the theme we're going to work with (In this case, Halloween). Secondly, decide which elements we want to include and start sketching to see which ones fit our theme.

We're going to make pumpkins, so we’ve sketched out different shapes. As we always say, go crazy and experiment.


Clean you drawing

You also need to think about the end look you want for your pattern to see what technique suits you better.

We've chosen an irregular, hand drawn, hard line style which we'll trace in Adobe Photoshop.

As I said, you can do this using any technique, now I’m going to show you how we made it.

Trace the shape with the pen tool. We're not looking for clean edges, so we don't need to be too careful when placing the anchor points.


When you're done tracing the silhouette, go to the path panel and click on “Load the path as selection”.


Now go to Edit>Stroke, and give a 10 px width, black color.


Trace the mouth and the eyes with the pen tool and fill it in black on the path panel.


To finish the pumpkin repeat the first step but instead of giving it a 10 px width, we'll give it 2 px and your pumpkin is done!

Note: Depending on the size of your drawing and your personal taste, the width may vary, so try out what suits you better.


Tips and tricks

Now allow us to give you a couple of tips and tricks to enhance your pumpkin!

Firstly, in order to make your design more dynamic; give the inside lines a variable width.

We'll do this by pressing CTRL while clicking over the thumbnail of the layer where you have your pumpkin to select it. Now go to Select>Modify>Expand. And we'll type 1 px.


With the brush tool, go over the inner lines on certain points to add some interest. If you make a mistake, go back with the Lasso tool.


Also “clean”  the teeth.


So, here we have our elements ready for the next step!


Creating the repeat pattern

Create a new square document.


Place your elements randomly around the center of your canvas. It’s very important that nothing touches the edges!


Now go up to Filter>Other>Offset. And type on Horizontal half of the size of your document. In this case, our document is 1000x1000px, so we'll type 500px and click ok. Make sure to have wrap around selected.


And now repeat the process but this time instead of Horizontal, change Vertical, and you'll get something like this.


Now fill all the empty spaces with your design, but once again DON’T TOUCH THE EDGES.


Merge all the layers and go again up to Filter>Other>Offset and repeat the same steps we did before (Offset>Horizontal>500px + Offset>Vertical>500px). Do it once at a time!

So now we have our repetition pattern ready!


Let’s try it out. Go up to Edit>Define pattern. Choose whatever name you like and click ok.


Now create a new document.


Click on Edit>Fill, and on the display tab that says Foreground color, change it to Pattern.

And in Custom Pattern select your pattern, click OK and you're done!


You can also make variations of your own design!


If you've followed all the steps carefully, you should get something like this! Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and Freepik wishes you a SPOOKY HALLOWEEN ;)

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