How to create Sidney opera Illustration in Adobe Photoshop

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In this tutorial we're going to learn how to make a Sydney Opera House illustration using basic shapes and the Shape Creator Tool. Then we'll take it to Adobe Photoshop to create a little animated GIF. Let’s start with this tutorial and see how easy it is to create!


1. Drawn the Sydney Opera House


Let’s start creating a new document in Adobe Illustrator with the following values:



First we'll create a horizontal stroke that's 2px wide centered in our Art Board, with the Line Segment Tool, big enough to draw our Opera House on top.

Then we'll create a rectangle (340x6px), 2 px wide for the base of the Opera.



Now let’s draw the walls and the divisions of the Opera using rectangles which we'll modify using the Pen Tool (P) and the Direct Selection Tool (A) as you see below.

Then we'll add doors and windows with the Rectangle Tool (M).



The next thing we're going to draw are the domes with the Pen Tool. Draw the first one with a white fill color and a 2 px stroke.

Now to create the shading. We're going to make a new shape on top to then create a mask with the shape of the dome.

To do this, duplicate the dome (Ctrl+C & Ctrl+F) and take away the stroke, bring it to the front and we'll make a mask once again with the shape, duplicate again (Ctrl+C & Ctrl+F), bring it to front and then delete the filling of the duplicated dome. We'll group everything and repeat with the other domes.



Now let’s draw the windows in between the domes.

We'll first draw some intersections with the Line Segment Tool and with the help of the Shape Builder Tool (Shift+M) we'll create the windows and delete the excess.



We're now going to make some terraces on the extremes and some other details on the right side.

With the Pen Tool (P) we'll create the terraces and send them back.

We'll also draw the inside of the domes from the right side and finally we'll create two leaning white rectangles to add reflections (creating masks as we did in step 4) on the windows that are between the domes.

And with this we have our Sydney Opera House completed!



To wrap everything up lets draw the sea and some clouds.

We'll first create various rectangles (6px tall) to create the sea. Merge them with the Pathfinder and then round the corners. With the Line Segment Tool, we'll create 2px short strokes inside the sea. Finally we'll create a background and draw the clouds with two white ellipses and cut the bottom part with a straight line.

Now let’s move to Photoshop so we can animate the clouds!



Before we start we must prepare our illustration so we can animate with no problems. To do this go to the Layer panel and select Layer 1 and on the display menu click on "Release to Layers (Sequence)". Then we go to File>Export>Export As... and we'll export the file as a Photoshop file (.psd) with the following values:


2. Create an animated GIF in Photoshop


We'll start by opening the PS file imported from Illustrator. We'll create a Video Time line in the Timeline panel.



We'll close the work space to 3 frames. And then we'll start animating the position of layers 4,6 & 7. We'll create the frames with the original position and move the clouds to the right in frame 3. We'll do the same with layers 2,3 & 5 but to the left.



We're almost finished! Now we just have to export our animation in a GIF format. Go to File>Export>Save for Web (Legacy) and enter the following values and save it.


End result


Et voilá! We've finished our animated illustration! A total master piece!

Now you can show the world what you have learned.

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