How to customize an existing typography

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In this graphic design tutorial you'll learn how to customize an existing typography with colours, patterns and blending modes.

Hello there! Today we will be doing a video tutorial on how to customize a font using basic dot and line patterns. We'll start out by writing a word. For this we're going to be using the "railway" typeface which we have right over here. Now, we're increasing the size of the font and we're going to adjust the kerning between the characters until we're happy with the result. Now, we're going to create outlines using Cmd+Shift+O, and then ungroup them. First we'll be working on the D letter. Copy and paste it on the same spot using Cmd+C and Cmd+F and then erase. Repeat the process using Cmd+C and Cmd+F, and erase again. Now head to Pathfinder and select trim, ungroup and... Let's get started with the colors! This part is going to be yellow. We will use mint green for the second one and purple for the last one. Now, we're going to add some patterns. For this, we're going to copy and paste on the same spot. And we're going to find a striped pattern. Patterns are right here: patterns>basic graphics. And here are the basic ones. We are going with a lines pattern. And we're going to apply from the transparency panel, the Screen blending mode, so that we achieve this effect. For this part we'll be doing the same. We'll choose the circle pattern this time. And we'll apply the screen blending mode too. With this, the first letter is ready to go!
The transcript in this language is not yet available. We are working on it, please come back later!

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