Graphic Design: Create a 3D Logo

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Exporting our vector logo

Step 1

Open your vector logo in Adobe Illustrator. Make sure that EVERYTHING is vector. Also, make sure that the text is converted to outlines. To do that, select your text and go to Type > Create Outlines (Ctrl + Shift + O).

Step 2

Save your document by going to File > Save As (Shift + Ctrl + S), name your file, and in the Illustrator Options, instead of leaving the version as Illustrator CC, select Illustrator 8 on the drop-down menu. Click OK, and we're done with Illustrator now.

Importing your logo to Cinema 4D

Step 1

Open Cinema 4D, and go to File > Open… and select your vector logo file.

Step 2

In the Adobe Illustrator Import pop-up window, select the scale you want and if you are planning on using different colors and depth for each part of your logo, then make sure that Connect Splines is unchecked but Group Splines is checked. Now, click OK.

Step 3

Now the logo should appear on your screen. It won’t look like a solid logo, but an outline, because Cinema 4D just imported the vector splines. But don’t worry, that’s about to change.

Notice that on the Objects panel, we have a group named as our logo file (in this case, LOGO). If you click on the + icon next to the name, you can see what this group has, and it has a lot of paths.

Step 4

Take everything that is in the LOGO group and separate them on the Objects panel, so that there are no more groups. This way, we could give a different depth to each object if we wanted to.

Converting your 2D logo to 3D

Step 1

Now it’s time to bring your logo to the 3D world!

And to do that we'll use a tool called Extrude. Go to Create > Generators > Extrude and now you have a new object on the Objects Panel.

Step 2

Select one of your paths from the Objects Panel and place it in the Extrude object. You'll see a black arrow pointing down, which means that the path will become a subordinate of the Extrude object. When you do that, you'll notice  that the path has now turned into 3D!

Step 3

Now, repeat the same process. Create multiple Extrude generators, and place all the paths on each one. When you finish, you will have your entire logo in 3D.

Step 4

When you select an Extrude object, you can go to the Attributes Panel, select the Object tab, and in Movement, you can play with the depth. 35cm or should be enough, but feel free to try whatever number you want.

Coloring your 3D logo and rendering

Step 1

Ok, we have what we wanted, a 3D logo! But it looks very dull in that grey color, so let’s fix that.

In the Materials Panel, go to Create > New Material.

Step 2

Double click on the new material and a new window will open, the Material Editor. On this window, double click on the Color to open the Color Picker. Now, just input the RGB composition of your logo.

Step 3

Now that you've created the materials, just drag and drop them on your objects. You can also add some lighting if you want.


Finally, just render your logo and that’s it, you now have converted your 2D logo to a very nice 3D logo!

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There's nothing wrong with a nice 2D logo. However, it’s sometimes nice to see our work made in a more realistic way. Whether just to practice, or to show to a client, this tut will teach you how to turn your 2D logo into an incredible 3D logo.

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