Graphic Design: Make a Set of Office Icons

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Creating basic shapes

Let’s start by creating a new document in Adobe Illustrator with the following values:


The first thing we're going to create is the outline, which we'll color later.

Let’s start with the cup by creating two rectangles (with a 4 pt stroke width) with the Rectangle tool (M). The first rectangle will be 48x51 px and the other one will be 48x48 px, this will be the body of the cup.

Now for the handle, draw 3 rectangles creating a C shape and unite them with the Shape Builder Tool (Shift + M).

Finally, with the Pen Tool (P) create a discontinued stroke to decorate and for the steam that comes out of the cup draw an ellipse from which we'll delete one of the anchor points. Using the Pen tool again, add two lines connected to the half ellipse, select everything and round the caps. We'll duplicate three times and we're done!


Let’s move on to the cup with the pencils.

Create a rectangle that's 43x60 px and another that’s 50x7 px for the cup. For the pencil, draw a 70x7 px rectangle and a smaller one for the eraser (round the upper vertex). We'll create another pencil with a point, and the ruler by using a rectangle that’s 100x15 px. We'll add two stripes with the Pen tool (P) and we'll duplicate until we fill the entire ruler. We'll rotate all the objects and arrange them behind the cup so it looks like as if they're inside.


Let’s draw the folder which has a very simple shape but you have to do it carefully.

Create a rectangle that’s 14x67px and round the lower vertex with the Direct Selection Tool (A). Copy and paste in front (Ctrl + C > Ctrl + F). We'll create another rectangle (83x50 px) and align to the left. Select both rectangles and erase the left side with the Shape Builder Tool (Shift + M). We'll round the lower right anchor point.


Continue with the folder. Create a new rectangle that will be  the lower face of the folder. Unite it with the folder's spine using the Pathfinder and send it back. Add a little roundness to the upper vertex and with the Pen tool,  we'll add two anchor points to create the cover. To finish, with the Pen Tool we'll create two strokes, one for the cover and the other for the spine.


Now let’s draw some technology related objects, let’s start with the computer. Create a rectangle that’s 75x50 px and round the corners. We'll trace a line with the Line tool (\) ¼ away from the lower part and add the shape with the Shape Builder Tool (Shift + M). Next, create the base with a rectangle that’s 18x20 px and reshape it into a trapezoid with the Free Transform Tool (E). Finally with a simple stroke we'll create the base and three stripes on the screen.


For the laptop, we'll draw a rectangle that’s 80x10 px  and round the corners. We'll create another rectangle that's 25 px wide and whatever length you want, and place it centered with the first rectangle. We'll select both and click on Minus Front in the Pathfinder panel. Let's round the corners again.

Create another rectangle (61x51 px round corners) for the laptop screen. Finally we'll draw two straight lines like we did before on the screen.


For the smartphone create a rectangle that’s 37x66 px and slightly round the corners. We'll draw another rectangle for the screen (23x39 px) and a line with the Pen tool with rounded caps. Finally create a little ellipse (L) with a 2 px radio and two strokes on the screen.


For the  printer we'll create a 75x45 px rectangle with rounded corners for the body of the machine, another rectangle that's 40x31 px for the printed paper and a 25x31 px rectangle for the upper part of  the paper. "Fold" the corner with the Direct Selection Tool (A) with Alt + Click.

Add a stroke above the printed paper and add some details to the paper and the printer.

To finish, draw the fold with the Pen tool and round the corners.


Now to draw some paper! Create a rectangle that's 55x70 px and duplicate (Ctrl + C > Ctrl + F) and send it to back. We'll make a bevel on the upper left corner of the first rectangle with the Pen Tool. To top the paper draw a couple of lines on it.


And the last icon! A book

Create a rectangle that's 50x10 px and round the vertex. Duplicate it. Create another rectangle that's 50x70 px for the book cover and align it with the bottom part of the first rectangle and then select the duplicated rectangle and once again delete the book spine with the Shape Builder Tool (Shift + M). Now round the cover’s upper left corner.

Select both anchors from the right side of the spine and move them left. Add a little line underneath. Create another rectangle (10x19px) to add the bookmark and add an anchor point on the lower part and move it up. Finally create a discontinued line on the book cover.


And our icons are done!


Now let’s color them

It’s time to bring life to our icons. We'll fill them in with the following colors:


And we're done!


What do you think of this tutorial?


In this tutorial we're going to create some office icons with a really simple method using shapes and basic tools from Adobe Illustrator, shall we start? Let’s go!

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