How to animate a New Year banner in After Effects

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Say hello to the new year with this cool tutorial!

Hello everyone my name is Hector Heredia! and today we're going to learn how to create this animation we see here. So 2016 is ending and it would be rather nice to make something commemorative for the entrance of the new year. We will start by creating a new composition, go up to Composition>New composition and it will be 800 x 600 pixels, 30 frames per second and 10 seconds long. Let's name this composition "Happy 2017" and press ok. Now that we have our composition grab the type tool and we're going to write 2017. I'm using Arizona Sans Bold, size 160. We center the text with the align panel, aligne vertical and horizontal. The next thing we're going to do is separate each number with a mask. That means we're going to create four masks. To do this grab the rectangle tool and draw a rectangle on top of the number two, then rename layer as "Number two" and we duplicate pressing Ctrl+D. We grab moving tool and we double-click over the mask and drag it until we get this number to 0. We repeat this process with the rest of the numbers. Now with the pen tool remove the fill color and change the stroke to 28 pixels. Let's leave it with its default color, that since it's red, it will help guide us when we're tracing. Turn off the three layers so we will just see the "Number two" layer and we have no other distractions. Grab the pen tool and start tracing over the 2. Try to go as close as possible to the path. This lines are known timeline like Shape layer. Change the name to "Reveal" and put it on top of the layer "Number two". Press F4 to see the Track Matte and we make a Matte Alfa of the "Number two" layer with the "Reveal layer". What we have to do now is select "Reveal" and add a Trim Path. Activate the animation clock click at "End" of the beginning of the timeline and then place it up to a 100% a frame on the second one. Select the last keyframe and click with the right button to change the frame assistant to "Easy ease". Then with the first frame repeat the process but this time select "Easy ease in", this will make the animation softer and more natural. Select the "Number 2" and "Reveal" layers, and create a pre compose, go up to Layer>Pre compose, name it "Number two" and move all the attributes in to the new composition, press ok. Double-click over the new composition to get inside, the first thing we are going to do, once we are inside, is to select the text layer and change the color. The color code I used is a #FDC606. Select both layers and duplicate pressing Ctrl+D move this layer 3 frames up pressing Alt Avant page 1,2,3. Change the color of the second text layer with the code: #F3D8A1. Repeat the previous steps duplicate and move three layers. Change the color of third layer with a code #EBBD63 and press ok. So we have our first number animated! Let's move to the 0. Once again grab the pen tool and redraw the 0. We can always change the anchor points to get as close as possible. Now select the shape layer and name it "reveal". Add Trim path and move the stroke to 0%, but first we have to change the direction of the shape. Make an Alpha matt on the number and reveal layers and then we make a pre composition of both layers by pressing shift Ctrl+C, go inside the composition. Inside the composition we change the text color too: #FDC606. Duplicate both layers and move it three frames like we did with the previous number. Modify the color of the second layer to: #FD8A1. Repeat the same process and change the color of the third layer to #EBBD63. So now that we have number 2 and 0 done repeat the same process with the rest of the numbers. Now that we're finished with the numbers animation we're going to create a new solid for background. Let's go to Layer> New solid. And color it with #FFFCE6, and name that layer BG, from background. Drag our BG layer to the bottom of the timeline. Next to create the fireworks we will create a shape layer. For that let's go up to Layer>New>Shape layer and name it fireworks. Then we put it in a group and we call it "Fireworks 01" and we aad a rectangle with a fill color. Change the size 22 pixels wide and 40 pixels tall. Then we activate the position animation clock and place ourselves on 2nd one. Move on the Y axis -120px. Now on size activate the keyframe at the beginning of the timeline with the actual size. Then go to second one and create a keyframe with the 0px value up with the rectangle size. Now select all these frames and press F9 on your keyboard. Open the graphic editor and modify the speed curve this way. Zoom in to see better. Go out of the graphic editor enter and select the Fireworks 01" group to which we add a repeater. To this repeater add 36 copies and opening the property panel we will establish the rotation 360 by 36 copies and in position: 0 pixels in X. Lastly we will put a soft yellow from the tool panel above. Minimize the whole group "Firework 01" and duplicate, Ctrl+D. We go inside the duplicated group and we change the number of copies in repeat 1 to 12 copies. Modify the rotation typing in 360 by 12 copies. Now we place a rectangle and modify the final position of the animation with a value of -90px on axis Y. And we will change the starting size of the rectangle from 14 to 7 px tall and move them two frames pressing Alt+ Right button then we give a purple color to the group "Fireworks 02". Duplicate this group with Ctrl+D. Open the properties of "Firework 3" and modify the original size of the rectangle to 4px wide and tall and the final position to 0px tall. On the final position we will take it to -110 on axis Y. Now we modify the size of the rectangle. On the first frame we type of 1px value wide, 10 px tall and on the second frame 1px wide, 0px tall. This looks much better now! We have finished our basic firework. Now we just have to cut this layer when the animation ends. Duplicate the firework and move it a bit along timeline and place it in your composition where you want. Duplicate again and open it so we can change the colors. Let's start with a light orange that looks kind of good with the turquoise blue. When you're done, duplicate and move around your composition. You can change the size pressing "S" on some of them and change scale. This one will be a 70%, this one 80% and the last one 75%. So now what you should do is move them around your timeline so they appear on different times. Make a preview to adjust and make everything look good. This looks kind of nice! Well friends! this has been all, I hope you enjoyed and learned something you can apply to your future projects. My name is Hector Heredia and I say goodbye!
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