How to create a fantasy sword

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With a couple of "magic" tricks see how far you can take your illustrations!

Step 1

Start by sketching some ideas. Make sure you use plenty of references. Search for photographs of animals like owls, eagles, dragons, insects…

Step 2

We can mix some sketches together to create different ones.

Step 3

Choose the one you like the best.

Step 4

The next step if to define the color palette.

Step 5

Now, clean up the rough lines.

Step 6

Create a New Layer in Multiply mode and increase the opacity slightly to start painting.

Step 7

Now apply the flat colors to the sword using your chosen color palette.

Step 8

Create a new layer and link it to the layer below to paint the texture.

Step 9

Apply the color variations with the same base color

Step 10

Gradually apply more texture to your illustration.

Step 11

Check the details using your references to make sure you get the appearance of the original material, in this case, iron.

Step 12

Let’s see how it’s coming along. It’s looking good, let’s keep painting.

Step 13

It’s a good idea to put one layer in Overlay mode to play around with the light and reflections.

Step 14

Take a look at the effect of the light!

Step 15

Have fun adding details. But keep the layer in normal mode, just use your brush.

Step 16

We could add some details like blood or rust.

Step 17

We’re almost done!

Step 18

Look for some references of owl eyes and copy the shadows and textures.

Step 19

Let's create this cool flame effect!

Step 20

Try different color modes to add cool lightning effects.

And finally, the sword is done! Well done guys! 

Now you can show the world what you have learned.

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3 months ago


Best answer
1 month ago

I love it ! I liked the idea of getting inspirations from animals to design a sword !  Thank you =) 

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