How to create a pixel flower in Adobe Illustrator

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Leran an easy way to create pixel art in Adobe Illustrator!

Hello my name is Maria Keller and I'm a digital artist from Mexico. On this tutorial I'll teach you how to create a flower made out of pixels in Adobe Illustrator. So let's begin. The first thing we're going to do is create a new document. I have already created mine to save time, but if you don't know how to create one I'm going to teach you very quickly how. Go to File > New or press Ctrl + N, then you're going to make sure that you have a canvas that has 600 by 600 pixels width and height. And make sure that you select RGB. I'm going to close this because I had already created mine. We're going to go to our tools panel and here where you can see the Line Segment tool, you can click and hold that click, you're going to find the Rectangular Grid tool. Just click on that one and then click on your canvas. And when you do that, a window like this is going to appear. I'm going to change the size of my grid to match the size of my Artboard, so it's going to be 600 by 600. And I'm going to change the number of my dividers to 31 by 31 and press OK. You can see how my grid has been created. And now I want to align it to my canvas. So I'm going to go here to the top. Make sure that I'm aligning to Artboard and then click on it. And then go to Horizontal Align Center and then to Vertical Align Center. And now you can see how my grid is sitting right there on the top of my canvas. Now I'm going to begin painting on it. So what I'm going to do is, I'm going to go to my tools panel and you can see here how I have the Shape Builder tool. And if I click and hold the click, you can see the rest of the tools. So I can go to the Live Paint Bucket or use the shortcut K. Now I can begin painting. I'm gonna use the black. Just make sure that can see how you remove the stroke of my grid, so you cannot see it anymore. And I have filled it with black. And I'm going to begin counting. The first thing we're going to create is going to be a circle. So we're going to use... go to the center and then just go 6 squares below the top. And you can see how both of these on the right are in the we're going to actually add one more. So you just simply click on the grid and there we go, now we have our three. Now I'm going to create another two points there, right there in diagonal and then another three. And then two more in diagonal and then three. I made a mistake there so I'm going to undo it. You can see how when I'm making points, that are several squares filled. Just click and drag instead of just clicking. So I fill more of that. I'm going to begin working on the petal, so it's going to be a 1 then 3, then 1. Then we're going to be to making 5. I'm going to do the same on the other side. So I'm going to go right there and make one then make 3 and then just make one more to connect them. I'm going to be doing the same all around the circle. So repeat that again, make 1 then again 3 and do the same on the other side. So 1 and 3. Then just one on each side and just join them with 5. Again here one, one on the other side... 3. 3 on the other side...1 and 5. Finally on the bottom, one on each side, 3 on each side, one on each side, and then 5 . Now what we're going to do is create the stem of our flower. So just make a line almost to the bottom, connect them. And I'm actually gonna Undo, Ctrl + Z. And then, just connect them. Now let's make some leaves so let's count 5... sorry 4 from the bottom, 2 right there, 2 again. Then let's go to 4 and let's close this. Let's go to the other side of the flower. So 2, 2 again right there on the top. 2 more to make 4 and close the shape. And now we have our flower. The next step is going to be to fill it. I have already selected my colors in advance so you can use my same values or you could pick whatever colors you think suit your flower. So I'm going to go and select this yellow that I have already created and make sure that you are having the yellow on the fill not on the stroke. And I'm going to fill all the inside of the first circle that we created. So just as I said before, you can click and drag to cover more space. Now I'm going to change to purple. And fill the petals. Again, make sure that the purple is on the fill and not on the stroke. So keep doing this process with all the petals, filling them with purple. Another one on the top and finally the one on the right. Now we're going to go to the bottom part so let's go to green. This lime green, we're going to select it. And Ctrl+Z to undo that. And fill all those white squares. And I'm going to add some shadow. So I'm going to select this darker and actually brighter green color and fill the 5 pixels on the bottom. Then on the flowers I'm going to actually fill these three. And on the other one, those same three. I'm going to go to my purple and make a... select sorry, a darker purple. And let's just fill the ones that are on the right on the bottom. For the next petals the ones again that are on the left, on the bottom. So for the other petal again, left and bottom. For the one on the top, just make the ones that are on the bottom and just one that's on each side. Now I'm going to work on the circle. So I'm going to select a darker yellow, that is actually orange and I'm going to fill these two on each side. Make sure there's one only on this other side and then let's choose a darker one to fill all the ones that are close, the other ones. So now we have our flower and if I go to my Selection tool and click outside of it, you can see how I can just have the pixels, or the square that I filled. But if you want to remove the extra ones, all you have to do is click on your grid, go to Object > Expand. A window like this is going to appear. Just expand everything and hit OK. And you can see how we have only the pixels that we just made and with this you have your flower. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial thank you
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