How to Create a Ramadan-Inspired Pattern Design

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In this tutorial we’ll celebrate the start of Ramadan with a beautiful lantern pattern and banner design! Built from basic shapes and bold colors, you’ll be creating an assortment of lantern and pattern designs in no time!

What We’ll Create


1. Building Lanterns

Step 1

Let’s start with building a couple lovely lanterns. Using the Rectangle Tool (M) draw a rectangle. Select the top two corners with the Direct Selection Tool (A) and pull the Live Corners inward to round out the top. Draw a small rounded rectangle at the bottom of this shape and add another rectangle beneath that.



Step 2

I rounded our the bottom rectangle and added another rounded rectangle to the top half of the design. In its center, draw three rectangles to serve as windows into the latern. Draw rounded rectangles at the top of the design. If you round out the top edge of two of them, you can make a quick and easy loop.



Step 3

For our second lantern, we’re going to build the top and bottom first. Draw two rectangles and round out their top edges. Adjust their sizes so you get the shapes you want. Add a small rounded rectangle to the top of the lantern. Draw a small rectangle on top of the bottom shape. Next we’ll create the middle section.


Step 4

The middle is comprised of two angled, mirrored rectangles in the center. I used the Pen Tool (P) to draw them and their 5-sided windows. To finish off the design, add circles and simple geometric shapes hanging off of the bottom in a line to create a string of beads.


2. Creating a Palette

Step 1

I’ll use the second lantern as an example for this section. Select the entire lanter design and use the Shape Builder Tool (Shift-M) to Unite everything except for the cut-out windows. you should have three objects when you’re done. Select all three, select each window with the Shape Builder Tool, deselect, and delete them.


Step 2

Set your lantern to a solid fill color. Overlap half of it with a large rectangle. Use the Shape Builder Tool to select the non-intersecting portions of the rectangle. Deselect and delete them. Set this new shape to a darker fill color.


Step 3

Repeat this section for other lantern designs. The colors I chose are as follows:

  • Yellow: #f6b92a
  • Dark Yellow: #ed8607
  • Blue: #48b9bd
  • Dark Blue: #107091
  • Red: #e06343
  • Dark red: #ce2815
  • Gray: #949e9f
  • Dark Gray: #566263


3. Creating the Pattern

Step 1

Arrange four lanterns, select them, and create a New Pattern in the Pattern Options panel. Set the Tile Type to Brick by Column.


Scatter colorful stars around your pattern composition with theStar Tool. Use the colors from the palette created earlier.


Step 2

Hit "done" and you’ll find your pattern in the Swatches panel. Apply this pattern as a second fill to a navy blue rectangle in the Appearance panel.


4. Completing the Design

Step 1

Draw a rounded rectangle in the center of the design.


Step 2

In the Appearance panel, create two fills for this shape: One white and the other blue. Place the blue fill beneath the white fill. Apply an Offset of -10 to the white fill (Effect > Path > Offset Path).


Step 3

In the Appearance panel set the Stroke color to blue with 2 pt weight. Apply an Offset of -15 pts.


Step 4

Apply a Drop Shadow (Effect > Stylize > Drop Shadow) to the blue fill in the Appearance panel with the following attributes:

  • Mode: Multiply
  • Opacity: 50%
  • X Offset: 1 px
  • Y Offset: 14 px
  • Blur: 10 px
  • Color: Black

Step 5

Unite blue circles to create simple clouds. Set their Blending Mode to Multiply and reduce their Opacity in the Transparency panel. Either use the Shape Builder Tool to delete the non-intersection parts of each cloud from the rounded rectangle, or overlap the cloud group with a rounded rectangle and make a clipping mask.


Step 6

Use the Type Tool (T) to type out your message with a brush script font and add additional lanters, stars, or moons across the top to complete your image.


End result

What other color palettes or lantern designs can you create for your pattern and banner image? Consider this for use in invitations, announcements, or other print materials. Share your designs with us via social media or in the comment section below!


Now you can show the world what you have learned.

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Best answer
9 months ago

I used Photoshop CC to create this.
Nice Tutorial. Thanks!


Best answer
8 months ago

Respect, im moslem

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