How to create an autumn pattern in Adobe Illustrator

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Get ready for the autumn with this new Freepik tutorial where we'll learn how to create your own leaf pattern. Grab your sketchbook, sketch a bunch of leaves, put them into Illustrator and get ready for the fall!

Hello everyone! In this video I'm going to show you how to make autumn leaves pattern, something similar to this. Our document must be 800 x 800 pixels. I like to have all my designs organized by layers: one the drawing, one for the background and another one for the sketch. As you see I've started with this scanned pencil sketch. I've drawn various types of leaves. It's important you draw a big flashy one's like this one's and another's a bit smaller like this ones. This will be useful when assembling our pattern. Now let's choose our colors. Illustrator comes with some patterns that can serve as well, we just have to go up to the swatch palette>nature>season. If you want you can use the autumn palette but I prefer using my own colors: with a couple of yellows, browns and a few greens. I've also picked a couple of oranges for some details and a beige color for the background. So let's start drawing leaves! Trace the sketch with the pen tool. Once we have all the lines done we can change the width and all the caps. For those of you who have a tablet it's going to be really easy for you to use a brush tool, the pencil or the blob brush tool. I will use the blob brush for the parts that have a filling and the pencil and brush for the strokes. Let's start creating the lines with the pencil tool. The stroke will be a basic four pixel variable width. When we have all the nerves, we group them up and expand them so it will be easier to work with later. When we are done with all the elements we scatter them all over the artboard. We start on the top part. When we are done we duplicate and paste on top. Without letting go the selection we click with the right button. In transform we type 800 pixels for Horizontal and and 0px for vertical. Now we have the top and bottom part completed we repeat the same process, but this time placing the elements on the left side. When we're done duplicate and paste on top. When you transform type 800 pixels for Horizontal and 0 pixels for vertical. You can not move the edge elements if we want it to be a repetition pattern. Now we fill in the rest of the artboard. We can repeat leaves and elements and even change the colors. Bigger elements will stand up most in our pattern but the smaller elements will help fill in the gap left by the other elements. When we're done group all the elements and send them back. We make a square the same size as artboard: 800x800px. We select everything and apply a mask. We continue and apply the transparency of one of the masks. We make a security copy just in case we have to change something. Now go to the Pathfinder and choose: Combine Drag the result to the swatch panel and we have our patterm ready. Now we can draw any shape and fill it in with our pattern. If you want th sketch and the colors that I've used in this tutorial you can download them then in the description box below. Well, hope you enjoy the tutorial and see
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