How to create St. Valentine's Day badges in Adobe Illustrator

Prepare the document

The first step is to create a new document in Adobe Illustrator (File > New) with this parameters:

  • Dimensions: 800x600 px
  • Color mode: RGB
  • Resolution: 72 ppi

Choose the color palette

Select the colors we're going to use. Create a folder in the Swatch panel, go to Panel > Swatch > New color group.

Create the background

Step 1

We'll start by creating a light grey color with the Rectangle tool (R) that covers the whole artboard. Make sure your layer is centered inside the artboard, on the Align panel.

Making this first will help our work stand out.

Step 2

Determine the shape of the badges  

With basic shapes create 3 bases for our badges.

Step 1

We'll use the Rectangle and the Rounded rectangle tool using three shapes. Center them vertically and in Pathfinder > Combine, and this is how we get our first badge.

Step 2

We'll follow the same method with these four basic shapes, and we have our second badge.

Step 3

And we'll repeat once more with  another three shapes and we have our final badge!

Step 4

Once we have our badges, we'll place them horizontally on our artboard. And we'll apply Path > Offset Path.

Adding text

All the fonts used in this tutorial can be downloaded for free in the Attachment section

Step 1

Let's introduce the text that goes in the badges. I’m using  Black Jack, Oswald and Arvo and the colors we chose previously.

Tip: To create the “circular” text,  use the Type on a  Path tool. It’s a very useful tool when  you want to add a text with some kind of shape.

Step 2

It’s important to convert your text into a shape so we don’t have any problems with the font, and we can use our badges as we want. We'll do this by: Object > Expand

Create decorative elements

Let’s make our badges stand out more by adding graphic elements that go with the theme, in this case Valentine’s Day.

Step 1 — The arrow

We'll make the arrow with the Pen tool. Stroke: 2 pt.

Step 2 — Branches and leafs

We'll make them with the Brush tool. To do this, let's first create our own brush. Start with 2 pt and a horizontal line with a variable width. We'll convert the stroke to fill with Object > Expand.

Then we'll select that shape and move it to the Brush panel. We'll add it as a new Art brush.

And now we can draw our branches with our new brush!

 Step 3 — The heart

We'll make the shape with the Ellipse tool. Modify the anchor points with the Direct Selection tool, duplicate the element (Ctrl + C > Ctrl + V), reflect it in Object > Tranform > Reflect and finish it off in Pathfinder > Combine.

Step 4 — Final step

It’s important you expand (Object > Expand) and group (Object > Group) everything, to use the badges whenever you like.

And we're done! Here we have our wonderful Valentine’s Day badges. I hope you enjoy them and that you make good use of these cute designs!

Until the next one!

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