Illustration: Create a Delicious Pizza

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New Document and Set Up

Step 1

Press Control + N to create a New Document. Change the units to pixels and set up an 800 x 800 px artboard. Then, in the Advanced options, choose the RGB color mode and the Screen (72 ppi) raster effects. Go to Preferences (Control + K) and enter a value of 1 px for Keyboard Increments. Press OK.

You can turn on the Info panel (Window → Info) to have a preview of the size and the position of all your shapes. Remember to change the unit of measurement to pixels in Edit → Preferences → Units. This will speed up your workflow.

How to Create the Pizza

Step 1

Let’s start by drawing the pizza’s crust. To do so, select the Pen tool (P), draw a stroke of 4 px thick (#683C11) and use the following color fill: #D9B066.


Step 2

Then, use another color fill (#FFC459) to draw the rest of the crust. With the new shape selected, go to the Pathfinder panel and select the Minus Front option. 


Step 3

Now, draw the rest of the slice leaving a sort of bulge at the tip to simulate the Neapolitan sauce (#E65851) sliding off the pizza. You may want to use various anchor points to achieve it.


Step 4

Then, with the Pen tool (P) insert some new nodes in the existing shapes and move them slightly to create irregular strokes and make the shapes look more natural. 


Step 5

Use the Pen tool (P) to draw the cheese with a 4 px stroke (#F9B233) and the following color fill: #F9B233. Insert some nodes to modify the shape and make it more realistic so it looks like melted cheese.


Step 6

For the pepperoni, use the Ellipse Tool (L) to create a circle with a 4 px stroke. Insert some smaller circles to complete the slice and group the entire pepperoni (Control + G).

After that, make various copies (Control + C → Control + F) and add them to the pizza. 


Step 7

Let’s move on to the tomatoes, which we’re also going to use circles for. First of all, modify the nodes to create an irregular shape. Then, simulate the tomato’s seeds with ellipses. Use the Direct Selection tool (A) to slightly move one of the nodes outwards creating a sort of triangular ellipse. Draw some more ellipses inside it to create seeds.


Step 8

Group the pepperoni and the tomatoes (Control + G) and place them on the pizza slice. Duplicate the cheese shape (Control + C → Control + F) and place it on this group. Insert a Clipping Mask.

Last, insert another copy of the cheese (Control + F) and remove the fill keeping only the shape’s outline.  


Step 9

Double-click on the clipping mask and draw three irregular shapes (#F9BA4B) with the Pen tool (P).  


Step 10

Let’s add the mushrooms to our pizza! Use the Ellipse tool (L) and the Rectangle tool (M) to draw some 4 px-thick (#A48A7B) mushrooms with #F2DFBF color fill. Combine the two shapes by clicking on the “Unite” mode on the Pathfinder panel. Then, add the mushrooms to the pizza.  

Also, create small rings (#332822) for the olives that we’re also going to add to the pizza. 


Step 11

Lastly, duplicate and spread the mushrooms and the olives all over the slice and use the Pen tool (P) to create small rectangles simulating chive. 


Step 12

Now, select the pizza's crust and expand it with fill and stroke (Object → Expand → OK). Then, make two copies of the inner fill (Control + C → Control + F) and click on Minus Front on the Pathfinder in order to create subtle shadows. 


Step 13

Finally, create an 800 x 800 px rectangle (#FFF1C7) for the background.



Awesome! You’ve finished this delicious pizza. I hope you found it so fun that you want to create more illustrations like this. After all, we just used simple shapes and acquired new skills in using the Pen tool. 

I’m looking forward to seeing your results!


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Join this tutorial and learn to draw a delicious pizza slice using simple and basic shapes of Adobe Illustrator to create the ingredients.

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